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Baby missing from Culver City since November 2018

February 26, 2019 – Authorities are searching El Sobrante Landfill in Corona for Jacsun’s body. They believe Jacsun’s parents, Adam Manson and Kiana Williams killed him and threw the body into a dumpster near the Crenshaw Mall in LA.

Original Story: The police searched a PT Cruiser on Friday, searching for a baby that has been missing since November 2018.

Jacsun Manson, 6-months-old was reported missing January 25, 2019, from Culver City, California although authorities believe he was likely missing three weeks prior. ABC7 news stated that the Dept. of Child and Family Services knew he was missing on Jan. 3, but didn’t report it to the police till the 25th, and he was actually last seen by witnesses on Dec. 31. The NCM&EC states he has been missing longer than that and have put the date of November 2018 on their poster.

Jacsun Manson

On Feb. 8, 2019 the police found the 2006 PT Cruiser the parents were known to be at near 54th and 11th Avenue near Hyde Park, Authorities believe is was stolen by Jacsun’s parents, who were using it to live in. Before the PT Cruiser was located, Jacsun’s parents, Adam Manson and Kiana Williams were arrested in Hyde Park on January 3. Jacsun was not with them at the time and they did not mention the PT Cruiser.

Although they have been questioned numerous times, since their arrest, they have not divulged where Jacsun is, and they have remained in jail. Witnesses have stated they saw Jacsun in that PT Cruiser in a car seat in December, but the police did not locate him when they found the PT Cruiser.

“The parents have given stories and locations but we have not been able to locate Jacsun. Family and friends have been cooperative but the parents have not,” said Culver City Police Lt. Troy Dunlap.

Adam Manson and Kiana Williams

Before living in the car, the three were living at a housing facility, “Upward Bound” in Culver City, but drugs were found in their possession so they were told to leave.

Jacsun weighs about 20 pounds, 1 foot, 6 inches tall with brown hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information about Jacsun’s whereabouts is asked to call Culver City Police Det. Raya at (310) 253-6318 or the watch commander at (310) 253-6202.

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