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Leonid Clark missing from his small town in Ohio

The body of Leonid Clark has been located at the Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Greene County, states the sheriff’s office. Leonid’s body was found on Friday near Grinnel Road. The case is being investigated as a homicide.

Leonid Clark, 26, is missing from his hometown, Yellow Springs, Ohio since January 13, 2019. He was scheduled to go to a court hearing on Feb. 6, but he did not show up.

Yellow Springs officers and Miami Township Fire-Rescue, with Buckeye Search & Rescue dogs, are searching the “Glen Helen Nature Preserve as this is a place Mr. Clark was known to frequent,” Yellow Springs police said in a statement.

He added, “The young man frequented the Glen, and I had concerns that he might have fallen or something might have happened.”

It is also possible that Leonid may be elsewhere, but he has not been in contact with his family and has not been seen in his small town of Yellow Springs with the population of 3487.

“The length of his absence without contact caused the family to reach to law enforcement after exhausting their efforts to locate his whereabouts,” he said. “The Yellow Springs police department has been actively looking for Mr. Clark for the period of approximately one week.”

Leonid is also called Lonya or Leo by his friends. He is 5’6″ tall, 120 pounds with hazel eyes and brown hair.

Anyone with information is asked to call the department at (937) 767-7206.

Missing Ohio woman

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