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Update June 12, 2019 – The authorities have stated that the body found in the home belonged to Dennis Day. Evidently, he had been in the home deceased the whole time. The cause of death has not be stated or maybe was never realized, because the body was so decomposed. Is it possible that Dennis died from natural causes, or was he assaulted by his roommate as earlier alleged? We may never know.

Update April 6, 2019 – Authorities stated that a body has been found inside the home of Dennis Day in Phoenix, Oregon. At this time there is no positive identification of the body.

Dennis Day, 76, has been missing from Phoenix, Oregon since July 2018. He was last seen walking down his driveway. He stated he was leaving for a few days to visit friends.

Dennis Day was 12-years-old when Walt Disney himself chose him to be part of the Mouseketeer’s crew for the Mickey Mouse Club. The Mickey Mouse Club TV show debuted in 1955 and became widely popular for ages 12 and under who were glued to their black and white TV sets in the afternoon to watch the show.

Dennis in 1955

Day’s sister, Nelda Adkins told NBC News that Dennis was helping to take care of his partner of 40 years, Ernie Caswell, who was diagnosed with colon cancer and dementia. It was Ernie that reported Dennis missing when he didn’t come to see him at the hospital.

Dennis and Nelda

It was a man who was living at Dennis and Ernie’s house at the time Dennis disappeared that said Dennis had left on foot, leaving his car behind, saying he was going to visit some friends. Day’s car was found along the Oregon coast with two people inside. No explanation on how it got there.

Lt. Jeff Price told NBC News that Dennis and Ernie had a third roommate whose name appears in a letter supposedly written by Dennis, later found at a neighbor’s home after he disappeared. The letter stated that the roommate had assaulted him, but Lt. Price says there’s no evidence to support it.

If you have any information, you’re urged to contact the Phoenix Police department.

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