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Darlene Montoya missing from Denver

Darlene Montoya, 38, was last seen by her family on February 12, 2019 in Denver, Colorado.

Her brother, Joey, posted, “She has not spoken to her kids or posted on Facebook for days. Her cellphone is either dead or turned off,” he said. “Darlene, if you see this, we love you and want you back safe.”

The family told FOX 31 that she has posted once on her Facebook page since going missing, but the family believes someone was impersonating her.

Joey posted on Feb. 22, “No new news. Denver PD is still working on things and are tight lipped, understandingly. In order to generate continuous leads and tips, we’ve decided to alert the local media,” he posted. “We don’t want to scare anyone anymore than you already are. This is standard. We need the word out.”

If you have any information on Darlene Montoya’s whereabouts you’re asked to call Denver police at  720-913-1400.

Missing from Denver

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