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More remains found: How many people are missing from Robeson County North Carolina?

Please note this is an ongoing story and information is added as it is given or found.  If a missing or murdered love one is not here, please let me know so I can add them.

More skeletal remains have been found in Lumberton. On CBS17 reported on March 1, 2019 that skeletal remains have been found near Barker Ten Mile Road and Powersville Road, just outside of Lumberton.

I have been keeping track of this area every since talking with Billy Gene Hammonds wife, who told me about him missing back in 2016.

Lumberton North Carolina was highlighted in the news when three when disappeared from the area not too far from each other. Soon a few more people came up missing leading to speculation on social media that there may be a serial killer in Lumberton. I wanted to get a clear count of the number missing and went to is showing 14 people missing from Robeson County:

The names are hard to read so I listed them here:

Susan McGirt
Abby Patterson
Billy Hammonds
Rubelsy Escalante Perez
Sara Graham
Sharletha Maynor
Stephanie Lewis
Delwin Locklear
Gailon Leak – Sept. 14, 2002
Brian Lowery
Terry Lowery – May 8, 1995
Shirley McNair – March 27, 1997
Philip Chavis – Feb. 1989

Please note this does not mean that is all that is missing, as NAMUS is voluntary.  For example, missing Cynthia Jacobs is not on there. A police officer or family has to provide information for the missing person to be listed on  If no one did that, the name will not be on there.

In order to have a complete list, I need the help of readers out there. If you have a family member missing from Robeson County ONLY, and their name is not on listed, please let me know and I will add their name.

Here are two names that are not on NAMUS that will be included on the list of missing from Robeson County

Cynthia Jacobs
Eric Montreal Evans

Cynthia Jacobs has been missing from Lumberton, North Carolina since July 2017.  You can read how I learned about her disappearance by going here.

Cynthia Jacobs

Abby Lee Patterson went missing from the same area the other three women went missing from in Lumberton.   Click on this link to read the full story.  There have been speculations on social media that Patterson’s disappearance is linked to Oxendine, Bennett and Jones, but authorities state they are not. With this many women missing you can’t help but wonder if there is a serial killer in Lumberton and as you read this story and see how many murders have occurred in the Robeson County area over the last 20 years, there is a strong possibility.

Although the North Carolina Department of Public Safety does have a website of missing, it does not show who is missing currently. They have AMBER Alerts and Silver Alerts but they are no more recent than 2015.

In the State Highway Patrol, North Carolina Center for Missing Person, 2014 Annual Report, they stated:

“Out of the 358 alerts activated in 2014, 314 left from a private resident.  The other 44 were either missing from a group home, assisted living facility or reported by a homeless shelter. Of those 358 alerts, 57 returned on their own. Nine were recovered deceased (down by five from 2013).   Out of the 358 alerts of 2014; only 32 were reported as located or recovered because of the activated Silver Alert.”

The end of the report pondered the question:

“The time-lapse statistics raises questions of why an alert was issued.  With a majority of the alerts being located within a 24- hour period, we must ask the question, “Are we activating too fast?”  It is possible those cases could have been worked at a lower level.  Only 32 of 358 were located because of the alert.”

What I am confused about in the above information is there is no explanation if the remaining 260 people were ever found. Does this mean that there are 260 people still missing? Did they return on their own?

In January 2018, the FBI announced a $30,000 reward for anyone with information that helps investigators determine what happened to three women found dead in the same area of Lumberton. Rhonda Jones, Megan Oxendine and Christina Bennett were found within a four-block radius along East 5th and East 9th streets in Lumberton.

Sheriff of Robeson County Burnis Wilkins stated he has formed a team of retired law enforcement officers from various cities, counties, and state agencies to look over cases. “I do know some of them are really close to being solved, they just need more hands and eyes. We’re going to look over the cases that we think would be solved the quickest regardless of their timelines and go to those first,” said Wilkins.

FOUND Murdered Women

The below is a list of women that have been found murdered in Robeson County.

Rita Maynor who went missing in July 2018, and was found in an abandoned home in Lumberton on July 24, 2018. See story here.

November 2018 – The body of Hania Aguilar was found.  It is unknown if her murder is connected to any of the cases in Lumberton. Update:  Michael McLellan was charged with her murder.

Found April 1, 2013 –Lauren Holmes, 23, dead in a canal on Holly Swamp Road near Lumberton Sunday morning, according to Robeson County Sheriff Ken Sealy. She was found shot to death.

More research and I have found that there were two women beaten to death in Lumberton in 2009.   Story reposted by Robesonian from their archives. “What they are saying is that the deaths of Lisa Hardin, 36, and Michelle Ann Driggers, 23, remain under investigation and that nothing is being ruled out — including the possibility that the same person might be responsible.”Found March 30, 2009 –  Lisa Hardin was found in the woods about 15 feet behind the Titan Flow Control Inc. warehouse off Chippewa Street, just several feet from an unused railroad spur.  Her clothing scattered around her. Michelle Ann Driggers was found nude in the driveway of an overgrown cemetery off Hestertown Road on March 30, 2009.  Her clothes were found scattered around her.  Both women had been stabbed.

Found April 26, 2008 – Skeletal remains In Wilmington in a wooded area behind a closed Mexican restaurant in the 3500 block of Carolina Beach Road.  The remains were two women and they had been stabbed to death.  Authorities believe they were Allison Jackson-Foy, 34, and Angela Nobles Rothen, 42.

Another story from Star News talks about an unsolved mystery of five women going back to 1995.  “Since 1995, at least five other women have been slain and dumped in nearby jurisdictions by unknown killers. Three of the women were found in New Hanover County, one in Pender County and one, a Wilmington woman, in Robeson County.”

Found July 29, 1995 – Traci Lynn Johnston, from Wilmington found in a wooded area off Old Whiteville Road in Robeson County near the Columbus County line.  Cause of death is undetermined.

Found June 11, 1997 – Barbara Jean Anderson found off River Road about a mile from Titanium Road. She’d been strangled with a coat hanger and her body wrapped in plastic, a dirty bed sheet and a blanket. 

Found May 22, 1999 – Alice Renee Holmes, 33, found in woods covered with dirt in northern New Hanover County. She had been shot.

Found 2002 – Rose Marie Mallett, 26, found behind a business off U.S. 421 in New Hanover County. The body had decomposed and was found unclothed, wrapped in a blanket and covered in pine straw.

Men Missing and Found

Further investigating and I found there are also men that are missing, murdered and found, from Lumberton.. Below is the list:

Billy Hammond’s went missing in December 2016.

Donald Mcintosh – August 17, 2001 – FOUND 2009 – McIntosh’s skeletal remains were found buried in silt in the trunk of his Dodge Intrepid in 2009. Fishermen reported seeing a truck floating down the river and sinking near the Tar Heel boat ramp, when the truck was located they found the bones.

Bruce Lee Hunt, 31, was found deceased in a well. Murdered on April, 2010.  Dwayne Wesley Oxendine was arrested for his murder.  It is unknown if Dwayne Oxendine is related to Megan Oxendine.

Eric Montreal Evans, who has been missing from Lumberton since July 2017,  may be a victim of homicide. 

Tomase Jermaine Bristol went missing in July 2017 and his body was found later that month.  No cause of death has been stated from authorities at this time.

Bobby Wayne Dodge, 46, was pulled from the water behind the Exxpress Mart, off Washington Blvd and I-10 in August 29, 2018. Click on the highlighted links to read more about their stories.

Carlos Alfonso was found murdered and man arrested. Carlos Alfonso Jr., 21, missing September 13, 2018 

September 4, 2018 – The body of Curtis Woodrow Jackson was found in a pond on Barker Ten Mile Road just outside of the city limits of Lumberton, according to Captain Terry Parker with Lumberton police. His death was ruled accidental.

Remains of Kolby William Kulhanek, 25, was found in the 9400 block of Cook’s Lake Road December 2018, the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office reported. He had gone missing October 2018.

Skeletal remains were found Tuesday near the CSX railroad tracks off Heritage Drive in December 2018, about 2½ miles southeast of Lumber Bridge. The skull had braces.

tSara Graham goes missing from Robeson County

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