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Avery Smothers from Kentucky goes missing during car trip Found

Avery Smothers has been found. He died in a crash in Allegany County. Investigators found his Chevrolet Tahoe down an embankment on Interstate 68 in Cumberland after he went off the road, hit a tree and rolled his car.

Avery Smothers, 31, has been missing from Lexington, Kentucky since Wednesday, February 27, 2019. Avery left for a trip to Columbia, Maryland on Tuesday the 26th and he never arrived at his destination.

His family told WKYT that he had a father and daughter dance to attend and he was supposed to be back for that.

The Help Find Avery Smothers Facebook page stated “He went missing between Charleston, WV and Hagerstown, MD.”

Avery’s burgundy Chevy Tahoe with Kentucky plates 771-YHK was last spotted in West Virginia said the authorities and his phone last pinged near a state park in Maryland, according to the family.

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