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Full set of women’s clothing found in backyard of Fair Lawn NJ neighborhood

UPDATE: MPofA readers have let me know that missing Breonna Fogle from Orangeburg County North Carolina, went missing on Saturday. She was last seen wearing wearing black and pink Nike flip-flops, distressed blue jeans with holes, a mint green polo collared shirt, and a purple hair bonnet. The clothing that Carota found was jeans and a green polo shirt. Fogle suffers from autism, epilepsy and insomnia. She requires daily medication. Her mom told the The Times and Democrat that someone named “Quadra” texted on Breonna’s phone that Breonna was sleeping.

Original Story: On March 25, 2019, Dave Carota posted in social media photos of clothing that he found “25 feet from our garage,” in Fairlawn, New Jersey. Since the post, social media has been speculating how the clothing got there and if it was foul play or not.

Carota called the police after finding the clothing. An officer came and looked at the clothing and according to Carota stated that there was no ID in the clothing and “nothing can be done.”

Carota was not satisfied with the explanation. He felt as though the clothes left as though they had been “deliberately stashed, made no sense.” He decided to photograph the clothing and post it on social media.

Photo by Dave Carota.

Clothing is a set of Goldsign brand jeans (size 28), Ralph Lauren green polo shirt, flowered bra and blue panties.

Carota posted that, “many others seem to think it’s the work of paramedics cutting the clothes off a trauma victim etc… which makes sense… I see it… but clumped all together, way off the highway… literally… almost in our backyard… makes no sense…my neighbors are unsettled… my family is unsettled….and…. if anyone recognizes this outfit, and feels as if it’s something more serious than a random paramedic, or crash victim disposing of their clothes …. 500 feet from the shoulder of a major highway, in a patch of woods….here you go… We have lived here a long time .. I have seen many accidents on 208 myself… firsthand, right near here…. we are in this wooded area very often… and this is something very out of the ordinary that seems really questionable. I guess this is my last ditch effort…. but, God forbid it is as sinister as it appears to be….. we would want someone doing the same if it were one of our loved ones, or our daughter who once wore the clothes.”

Others thought that maybe it was a prank, or maybe animals drug it to the area, but that didn’t seem to be a viable answer.

“That said, as parents…. it’s hard to act like this isn’t creepy,” posted Carota. “Hopefully there’s a reasonable explanation. But, animals and wind don’t ball it all up like actual dirty laundry … so here’s what it looked like laid out as I was bagging it.”

The clothing; outerwear and underwear, were laying on the ground in a “clump.” Carota laid them out for this photo. (Photo: Dave Carota)

How and why the clothing ended up in Carota’s backyard has the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office and Fair Lawn Police Dept. also stumped.

Photo by Dave Carota

“If anybody has any information that could help, we ask that they call us,” said Fair Lawn Police Sgt. Brian Metzler. Fair Lawn PD: (201) 796-1400 .

New Jersey missing since 2006.

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