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Misty Hernandez goes missing from Owensboro, Kentucky FOUND

UPDATE April 1, 2019 – Misty Hernandez has been found. Misty’s sister, April, who told me that Misty was missing told me they found her at a home where she was previous looked for. According to April, “We r pleased to announce that my sister Misty Hernandez has been found she is alive and ok. She is being elevated at the hospital due to the medical warrant we took out on her. She was found at Louis Dean house after him telling us he hadn’t seen her. He lied to us and was hiding her. Thank u to everyone that has helped look for her shared our post and prayed for our family it means more then u know. God bless.”

Misty’s case was shared by many, many MPofA readers and helped bring her missing case to everyone’s attention including the authorities that had “cooled down” on her investigation. The attention that her case got on social media, through Misty’s sisters and MPofA brought it back into the limelight and helped solve it. Thank you all for your help.

Original Post – Misty Hernandez is missing from Owensboro, Kentucky. She was last heard from on February 12, 2019. Misty’s boyfriend, Aaron Russell told the police that he last saw Misty on February 28.

Since Misty’s disappearance, Russell has been arrested for a recent warrant for theft in Daviess County. Russell had state and federal warrants for multiple charges. At this writing he is still in jail.

Melinda, Misty’s sister posted that she is “very disappointed in the lack of concern from police and detectives over my sister Misty Hernandez’ disappearance.” She believes that Aaron knows where Misty is but is not saying.

April, Misty’s other sister told me, that Aaron answered the phone for the number they had for Misty, and he told them he just dropped her off. “When we asked why he had her phone he hung up on us and the phone has been off since,” said April.

April also said there are conflicting stories that Aaron told.

“Aaron told me the last time he seen or talked to my sister was on February 18th, but told the police the last time he seen or talked to her was February 28th.”

As time went by and after Aaron’s arrest and his changing stories, Melinda and April believe Aaron may not have been telling them the truth and may know something about Misty’s disappearance.

Sadly, no media has picked up Misty’s story and the Owensboro Police Dept. has not reached out to the public through the media. So, the more sharing you can do of the story, may increase the chances a tip will come from somewhere.

If you have any tips or information please contact the Owensboro Police Dept. at 270-687-8888 or leave an anonymous tip here.

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