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Has Timmothy Pitzen, missing since 2011, been found alive?

UPDATE December 15, 2020 – Brian Rini to be sentenced.

Jan 9, 2019 – Brian Michael Rini, who claimed to Timmothy Pitzen has pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated identity theft. Rini was ordered to a mandatory two years in prison with credit for time served, and one year of supervised release.

April 4, 2019 – This afternoon it was confirmed that the teen is NOT Timmothy. According to the chief of police of Newport, Kentucky, the individual has been identified as Brian Michael Rini, who is a 23-year-old from Ohio.

Brian Michael Rini

In 2018, Rini was arrested for falsification and in 2015 he was arrested for false alarms. Then in 2017 he was arrested for hosting a party at an unoccupied model home with 3 other guys and causing over $1000 of damage to the home. Rini has been hospitalized for psychiatric care. in the past, according to media.

Update April 3: More information and a photo of the teen has been released (below). According to a report from the Sharonville Police Department, the boy said he escaped from two kidnappers that have been holding him for seven years. According to the report, the boy escaped and kept running across a bridge into Kentucky and said they’d been staying at a Red Roof Inn but did not know where. They boy described the two kidnappers as two white males with body-builder type builds. One had black curly hair, a Mt. Dew shirt and jeans, and has a spider web tattoo on his neck. The other was short in stature and had a snake tattoo on his arms.  According to Fox 19, the vehicle they were driving is described as a newer model Ford SUV with WI plates. It’s white with yellow transfer paint and has a dent on the back bumper.

In this video below a witness states his name was Timothy.

Original Story – Two police detectives are in Newport to see if a teen boy could possibly be Timmothy Pitzen. The boy was found in a Kentucky neighborhood “that he didn’t belong in,” according to a citizen, reports the ABC9 News. When approached he stated he had been held captive.

Timmothy Pitzen was 6-years-old when he went missing on May 12, 2011, after his mother killed herself in an Illinois motel room. She left a note stating that no one would ever find him, CBS Chicago reported, and she left him in the care of an unknown person.

The unidentified and unknown teen has been taken to the hospital. DNA has been taken and has been rushed to the labs.

Police say at this moment they aren’t sure he is who he says he is. They don’t believe he is a missing person from the Tri-State and they will not confirm if the child is Pitzen. Also, the boy who appears to be no older than 14 appeared to have disabilities, according to the media.

FBI officials say there will be no further statements made until they have additional information.

New information on Timmothy Pitzen

Timmothy Pitzen car seat located

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