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Where is Staten Island teacher, Jeanine Cammarata? FOUND

April 5, 2019 – Michael Cammarata, Jeanine’s estranged husband and Ayisha Egea, his girlfriend, have been arrest for the murder of Jeanine Cammarata. Egea “Pointed” investigators to the storage facility where a charred body was found, reports News 4. Michael was captured on surveillance footage at the facility.

The medical examiner’s confirmed Friday that the body found was “positively identified as Jeanine Cammarata, with a positive identification made through dental records.”

UPDATE April 4, 2019 – Police have found a woman’s body at the Extra Space Storage facility on Arden Avenue in Arden Heights on Thursday. The police believe it to be Jeanine, but a positive identification will need to be done.

Original Story: Jeanine Cammarata, 37, has been missing from New York since March 30, 2019. Jeanine didn’t show up for work at the Staten Island elementary school P.S. 29 in Castleton Corners, nor at a local dollar store where she also works.

Cammarata was to appear for a custody hearing on Monday, but she did not show up.

Jessica Pobega, a long-time friend of Cammarata told WABC that she received a text message from Cammarata. When Pobega told “the person” she was calling the police, “the person” replied, “I don’t want that,” and, “I apologize. I have to do this for the children.” Pobega does not believe that it was actually Cammarata texting her.

Cammarata, who is 4-foot-11, 130 pounds and has brown eyes and light brown hair, was wearing a grey jacket and driving a Chevy Cruze when she was last seen, police said.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call the 120th Precinct at 718-876-8500.

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