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Charred remains found near San Antonio

A hiker has found charred remains of a female near Highway 211 near the Government Canyon Natural Area in San Antonio in Bexar County Texas on Friday, reports MySA news.

At first the authorities thought the remains may have belonged to missing Andreen McDonald, 29, who has not been seen since February 28, 2019, but she has been ruled out because of the height of the remains, and a few other reasons that the authorities have not released. Currently, McDonald’s husband Andrea McDonald, 40, was arrested for tampering with evidence.

Government Canyon

The body of the woman is between 5’2″ tall and 5’4″ tall. The time of death is around several weeks ago. The race is unknown.

It will take several months for DNA to identify the remains and the police are looking over any missing persons in the area. The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone that knows of someone that fits the height that went missing several weeks ago to contact them.

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