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Video shows car following girl who hides behind car

The police are investigating a case where a car is seen following a girl in Vacaville, California.

The girl, wearing a backpack, who has not been named was walking near Ulatis Drive and Leisure Town Road when she noticed a dark-colored Pontiac following her, Vacaville police said, reports KCRA news.

The video (video below) shows the girl standing behind a truck. Her height helping to hide her. The Pontiac drives forward and then stops, then drives forward, as though he is searching for the girl. The Pontiac turns around and comes down the street the other way. The girl positions herself at the back of the truck and then moves to the front of the truck as the Pontiac moves past. You can see her pull out her phone. At the end, when the Pontiac drives off, she runs as fast as she can in the opposite direction.

The video was able to see that it was a man with short dreadlocks

If you have any information, please call the Vacaville Police Dept. at 707-469-4735.

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