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Nicole Marcum missing; belongings found on bridge

Nicole Marcum, 23, has been missing since April 12, 2019 from Baytown, Texas. Her car was found on the Fred Hartman Bridge. Her belongings (not specified what belongings) were also found. What is strange is there was a video camera at the bridge that showed someone getting out of the car, but no one was seen jumping off. AND, it was not clear who that person was that got out of the car.

Kayla, Nicole’s foster sister posted, “I can’t see her jumping from the bridge bc according to the detective they seen someone get out of the car but never seen anyone climb up to jump so maybe possibly that was to make it look like she was jumping and they didn’t know there was cameras?”

Nicole Marcum (Facebook)

Kayla also said she found out that the police went to Nicole’s address and her past roommate said she had not lived there in months. Nicole is hoping that the roommate will read this and contact her.

Harley, Nicole’s boyfriend is aware that she is missing and has been in contact with Kayla and has been out searching for Nicole. He knew that Nicole was working as a live-in nanny.

1st Priority Search and Recovery is on the case. If you have any information, please contact them or the Baytown Police Dept. or you can reach out to me and I’ll make sure to pass the information and you can remain anonymous if you like.

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