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Docuseries on Susan Powell airs on Oxygen

The Oxygen Network has announced they will be airing a two-part Susan Powell docuseries this Saturday, May 4, 2019, called The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell and they will be releasing never before seen photos, videos and information never before released, and a new theory on what happened.

Susan Powell went missing in 2009 from West Valley City, Utah. A year before she did a video documenting assets in the home. The case became national when her husband, Josh Powell stated he went camping with the boys during a snowstorm and when he got back she was missing.

The case became more and more bizaar when Josh and his father, Steven seemed to join together to discredit and ruin Susan’s reputation. They went public with Susan’s diaries trying to show the reason she went missing, but they seemed to be more interested in discrediting her. Susan’s father said, “She was encouraged to have journals through our church,” he explained. “The intent was that you can document for future generations that you went through trials in your life and what you did to overcome them. The journal is meant to pass onto your future generations. But when you’re 12, 14, 16…. it becomes like a diary… Josh had those journals and he gave them to his dad. Then they decided they were going to use these writings of a teenager to say this is the kind of person she is… I didn’t think they had the right to read them… When I read the things they claimed were so terrible, it wasn’t anything harmful.”

West Valley City police obtained a search warrant to seize those journals as evidence, that were at Steven’s home, reported the Salt Lake City Journal. While they were searching they found photos that Steven took of neighborhood children. Steven was arrested. He was charged with counts of voyeurism and child pornography. Josh was living with his dad at the time with his sons and the brothers were removed from the home and later placed with Susan’s parents in 2011.

Steven Powell was very vocal the whole time that Susan was missing. He seemed to crave the limelight and wanted everyone to know about Susan’s journal and he also wanted everyone to know that she loved him and she was flirtatious and sexual towards him. Steven Powell died in 2018.

Susan Powell restraining order

Sadly, during a visitation in 2012, Josh shut and locked the door keeping the child custody official from entering the home and shortly after blew the house up, killing himself and the boys.

The last search for Susan Powell was in January 2019. She still remains missing.

Search for Susan
Search for Susan
Search for Susan

To read more about the docuseries, click here.

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