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Tim Duckworth missing from Indiana after car got stuck

Tim is still missing as of May 10. Joshua, his friend posted the following: “We have had a few people reach out here to pass along possible tips, remember this page is not connected to the police department. So if you think you see Tim or remember any details that could help police, please send all photos and information to police as we have no easy way to trade off information and then the police can investigate the tip in a timely manner. The best option is to call 911 and they will connect with the right people to pass along info. Thank you again for all your efforts…please keep sharing and being intentional in looking for him.”

Original Post. The Columbus Police Dept. and the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department have released a Silver Alert for missing Timothy Duckworth, 21, from Columbus, Indiana. He was last seen in the area of Ceraland Park 3989 South 525 East on Sunday morning.

Tim is the house organist for the Edinburgh Pixy Theatre. (Facebook)

Tim is 5’8″ tall and 120 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing pants and a shirt but no shoes. He wears glasses. Tim’s best friend Joshua posted, ” I know his car was found with his wallet, phone, keys, and for some reason, his shoes inside.”

Tim Duckworth (Columbus Police Dept.)

The family believes that he got is vehicle stuck in the mud and was stranded. His car was found but Tim was gone. He does not have his phone nor his shoes. Volunteers have gone to the area to search for him.

The Help Find Tim Duckworth Facebook page stated, “We found out that he did text a friend at 1 a.m. Friday morning but his friends have not heard from him since. He made a phone call to cereland at 6 am (May 4) but they were not open to take the call. We assume he was trying to report that his car was stuck. We split up and walked house to house today about 5 hours looking for people who may have seen him and can be on the watch for him. The police searched the area . Water, land and by air. The good news is that he wasn’t found so he can potentially still be alive. Please continue to share his picture and his story. The police believe this is our best shot of finding him. Thank you for all your help…please don’t give up on finding him.”

One of Tim’s friend Tyler posted, “Actually, the last messages he sent were to me, around 4am. I’ve already spoken to the detective as well. He made no indication where he was or where he was going, nor that his car was stuck, so I imagine it got stuck after I fell asleep that night.”

His family and friends wants everyone to know that, “I wish the public knew it was open to them to help search.” If you have the time, please go to Tim’s Facebook page and volunteer to help search.

If you have any information to his whereabouts or see Tim, please call the Columbus Police Dept. at 812-376-2019, 911 or leave a tip here. Thank you.

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