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Betty Alexander goes missing from Missouri, front door found unlocked, then locked

Betty Alexander, 69, is missing from Sullivan, Missouri. She was last seen on April 11, 2019 at 6 South Center Street in Sullivan Missouri.

“I found her glasses sitting on her recliner and that’s when I knew something was wrong,” Tonya Tolliver, her daughter told Fox2Now news.

Betty was retired and loved to garden and craft. She was last seen on April 10, when she had her medication delivered to her from the pharmacy. The medication she takes at 7 p.m. appeared to have been taken. But, the medication the following morning had not. Her physical therapist called her on Thursday and she did not answer the phone. On Thursday, Meal on Wheels stopped by her house to give her meals and she did not answer the door. On Friday, Meals on Wheels stopped by again and found her door was unlocked and they set her meals on the table. When her daughter came by on Sunday to take her shopping, the door is locked so she unlocks it to come in and find her meals still on the table, according to Synova Cantrell.

Betty wears glasses but she left her glasses behind and her keys. Betty does have the beginning stages of dementia. She does not have a cell phone.

Betty’s purse was in the closet where she always kept it when in the home. It contained her apartment key, an ATM card, around $40 in cash tucked into her wallet, her typical spending money. But the wallet also contained an additional and mysterious $200. There were two envelopes in Betty’s wallet. Each envelope contained $100 in cash.” 

We know that Betty did not withdraw the money as Tonya manager her bank account and paid her bills with her checkbook. Betty did have her debit card for purchases and $40 cash, but the bank account had not been accessed. So, where did the money come from?

Also, a new box of prescribed Fentanyl patches were unaccounted for.

Tonya also stated that her brothers, Dave and John, and sister-in-law broke into Betty’s house and took her belongings.

They responded with the following on social media: For clarity, we did remove her possessions from her apartment, after the rent became overdue by two weeks and Betty still missing for nearly 6 weeks. It was our RIGHT to make this decision especially after attempts to meet on this matter were ignored. She is our mother too. The apartment could not be left because it was subsidized for low income people, with a waiting list to move in. The police informed us, they were finished with their investigation in the apartment, and in the initial meeting between the siblings, we had all agreed that Betty wouldn’t be living on her own again. We did NOT clear it in the middle of the night, but all evening and into the night, because that is when we had time to do it.

On July 1, the Bring Betty Home Facebook page stated, “We had an extremely skilled team of 4 search dogs come in today who were trailing and cadaver dogs, but unfortunately we are still left with no answers.”

Drones have also done a search in the wooded area around her home, but she is still missing.

In July, a PI found a witness that stated, he saw Betty in front of Sullivan’s fire station Thursday, April 11, at 5 p,m., which is a block away from her home at the Center Street Apartments.  

“She was wearing tan matching top matching bottoms like pajamas, he said. She was just standing in the middle of the road kind of frozen there staring at the fire station,” Tolliver said.

“It adds more to the puzzle now, more questions where was she from Wednesday 7 p.m. after taking her medication to Thursday 5 p.m. Where did go after 5 p.m.? We are in the middle of town, it’s a busy intersection, somebody had to of seen where she went,” Tolliver said.

What troubles Tolliver the most was the condition that her mom seemed to be in when she was last seen. We’re told she seemed terrorized and extremely scared.

Alexander is a Caucasian woman, 5′ 2″ tall, weighs 145 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. She wears her hair at shoulder length and may not be wearing shoes.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Sullivan Police Department at 573-468-8001. There is a $3,000 reward.

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