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Ethan Raible Rendlen missing from Dallas FOUND

As long as I have been writing on missing cases, this is the only case I have ever seen that the media has refused to touch. Usually, the police notify the local media that someone is missing, and the media either, because there is a good story or out of duty will report the missing person.

We do not know if The Colony Police Dept. told the media Nathan was missing, but many reporters don’t just rely on the police department. In some cases, a reporter will see that a case has gone viral on social media and verify the person is really missing and then do a story on it. As you know, there has been no lack of enthusiasm for this story on social media, so the media had to have seen it. But, why are they not reporting on it?

In the beginning, no one knew where this story was going and in fact it seemed more like foul play gathering from the information put out by Tatiana. Even though her posts were changing and hard to follow, there were Nathan’s own posts on his Facebook page full of lovey language for Tatiana, so why wouldn’t the media want to get to the meat of this story?

And, it couldn’t be because the police are stating there is no foul play, as there have been hundreds of cases when that exact statement has been made and the police were 100 percent wrong. So, the media does not use this as a gauge on whether to report a story or not.

Even after assumingely, Ethan’s body has been found, per his Aunt who posted on social media, there is still nothing from the media.

Is it possible the media has been reaching out to the family and they have refused to comment? Although Tatiana reached out to the media early on, they did not respond to her and shortly after when social media began to criticize her, she went underground. Is it that the family would not talk to social media and Tatiana could not be reached and that’s why the story was not covered?

Even after, Nathan’s body was located, the family has not said much, even to social media. Most people when they know their family member has met foul play, they will become very verbal wanting the police to find the murderer, but that has not happened here.

There is always a private conversation between the police and the family when a body is found. The family probably has some idea why Nathan passed, and right now they wait for the conformation and positive identification from the medical examiner. Is the manner of his death why the family has not spoken out?

When the medical examiner determines the cause and manner of death, The Colony PD announce Nathan was found? Will the family relay more information? Will the media finally write the story? My guess is it will largely depend on whether Nathan’s cause of death was suicide or drug related.

Although, a story from 2018, Mark Maley, an ABC Editorial Policies manager Mark Maley stated that suicide stories are avoided by media, “Historically, there’s been a huge stigma attached to suicide and a stigma attached to mental health…so in a sense, out of sensitivity to families, there was a reluctance to report suicide,” said Maley.

As of this writing, The Colony Police have not announced that Ethan’s body has been found, but it could be simple because they are waiting for a positive identification from the medical examiner, or it could be that the family asked them to not announce it. In cases of suicide, the police will bow to the families request, and will not release much more than the person was found deceased, and there was no foul play. As far as death by drug use, I doubt that information will be let out at all. Usually a family will not want to speak about that.

And that may be the only way we will be able to tell what happened to Nathan. Not the manner, but the cause. The Colony Police Departments next announcement, if they so chose to do, may be the only answer we will ever get on what happened to Nathan.

UPDATE July 23 – The aunt of Ethan has posted that his body has been located. No verification from the police.

Original Story: Ethan Raible Rendlen is missing from Dallas, Texas since July 12, 2019. According to a missing flyer, he was last seen on Beltline Road, and his car was found parked.

Tatiana Badra who says she is Ethan’s wife on Facebook posted Ethan had disappeared. “My husband, Ethan Raible, an engineer in Plano is a missing person since July 12. Dallas and The Colony PD is doing NOTHING and breaking the family’s hearts. We had been married for exactly ONE day when this happened and we can’t find him. Please, help us shed light on his disappearance and bring Ethan Rendlen home!!!!”

Then on July 18, Tatiana posted this below:

Many on social media are trying to figure out if she was talking about Jacob’s Well in Texas or jokingly, Taco Bell?

Then on July 18, Tatiana posted this:

Then on July 20, Tatiana posted and directed it to Channel 8:


Then Tatiana’s Facebook page went dark. No more posts. Is Tatiana really Ethan’s wife. Is Ethan really missing?

On July 6, Ethan Raible posted on his Facebook page with a photo. It reads, “I love my beautiful, VS model face/body wife, her extraordinary genius brain, her platinum hair, how great of a partner & companion she is. Her wallstreetbets jokes, her zipping thru traffic at 110+ while I panic, our song making, playing and writing. Her letters. Her kisses. How we sleep cuddled up. How our son Rhone is still a part of us everyday, how we badly want to be parents. Tatiana as a mother…we’ll be like “The von Trapps” . Our family is now Bia the unborn bean (or beans…IVF can aurprise), SnoopHoggieHog, my squeezie ladybug & me, the Protector. I’ll be the Medieval Knight protecting this royal blood of business prodigies, engineering legends, legendary attorneys & docs, pianists, artists, opera singers, guitar players, lots and LOTS of Jews & my Lebanese blonde and her Saudi family of Purebred Arabians, bankers, sheiks & IG kids.”

From Ethan’s Facebook page

Many on social media are stating that Ethan didn’t write the above, but it was actually written by Tatiana. If you look at Tatiana’s other posts, the verbiage is similar to the above post on Ethan’s page.

Katherine posted, “So far we know this is obviously her in his page, right? Second, no one knows a fucking thing about this girl because she keeps changing up who the fuck she is. One second she Brazilian slave the next she was born in Chernobyl. 🤦 she prob did this.”

Social media has found the more they read the more confused they get. One post from skinnysn3k says they were married on August 2018 and Ethan’s posts says they were married February 2018. Then another message on Ethan’s page on July 3 says, “Ok i am getting married for real this time. Same person naturally”

There was no posts by Ethan’s mother, but she was seen posting in Facebook groups saying she was worried about him. Last I heard she had flown in to Dallas to look for their son.

This MP poster is unlike the usual posters, but nobody is claiming to have made it. Where it originated from is still unknown. The poster has his name as Raible but Rendlen is his last name.

A message on the Colony Police Department’s Facebook page confirms that Ethan is missing. They stated they received information on the 15th that Ethan was missing. “Ethan was entered into the State database as missing; Other Law Enforcement agencies have also been notified. As of July 22, Ethan has not been located. Foul play is not suspected at this time.”

This photo circulating and posted on the Colony’s PD Facebook page shows a younger Ethan.

So, now we know he is officially missing, but by the statement above the police are not too worried about him, in contrast to his wife and mother who are extremely worried about him.

This post will be updated as more information comes in.

We are hopeful that Ethan is found soon and if you have any information that will help find him, please let us know.

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of this missing person, please contact Detective John Thacker 972-624-3933.

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