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Sandra Crispo vanishes; lights left on, door unlock

UPDATE: September 6, 2019 – After the Crime Time podcast (Click here to listen) and the discussion of the car that picked up Sandra, we found out that the person that picked up Sandra was actually a member of her family. According to Boston CBS, “Crispo was driven home by a relative.” There is no more info as to who that might have been.

Click here to listen to the Crime Time Talk podcast about this case.

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Original Story: Sandra Crispo, 54, is missing from Hanson, Mass. She was last seen on August 7, 2019. Her daughter, Laina went to her house on August 9, and Crispo was not there. The lights and a/c were on and the back door was unlock, but Crispo was no where to be found, reports the Enterprise News. Also, her dog was there with no food or water, something that Crispo would never do.

Hanson Police Dept. (Facebook)

Crispo’s daughter, Laina McMahon, reported her mother’s disappearance to the police on Aug. 9 after she went to Crispo’s house and found it empty.

On August 7, Crispo dropped her car off at a mechanic, and video surveillance shows her standing outside the car that was giving her a ride home.

Laina posted on social media: “Resident’s of Hanson and surrounding towns, it has been 19 days since my mother disappeared. Someone in the community has got to know something! Please if you have seen or heard anything unusual please contact Hanson Police Department. My family and I are desperate.”

Sandra Crispo loved staying at home and taking care of her grandchildren for her daughter who worked. Sandra has no medical or mental issues past nor present. After several days of searching the neighborhood, no clues have been found to lead to what happened to Sandra. Now the police and Laina are wondering if someone local entered Sandra’s home and she is a victim of foul play. It is believed that she went missing Wednesday night.

“I feel like somebody in her neighborhood, in the general vicinity knows something happened,” Laina told Bob Ward of Boston 25 news.

Crispo is described as a 5’9″ with blue eyes and brown hair. Crispo has no cell phone.

If you see Crispo contact the Hanson Police Department at 781-293-4625.

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