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Ken “Shane” Wexel from New Jersey missing in Florida

Ken “Shane” Wexel was last seen checking out of the Miami Marriott Hotel on Tuesday, August 20, 2019. He was also seen at the Other Daquiri Bar working on his laptop around lunch time. It was thought he was heading back to NJ for work but he never arrived.

Brienne on social media has posted the following to Ken: “It has now been four days since you were last seen by a known person and three days since your last known contact. After not returning to New Jersey for work and last known location was Miami, your company contacted family. Miami police are aware, are looking for you and detectives are involved. For 2 days now your mother, myself, Jennell and Sander have made multiple attempts to contact you via email, voicemail, Facebook messenger, and WhatsApp, yet all of your accounts have been inactive. We’ve reached out to coworkers, friends and associates to no avail. I’ve called all Miami airports, airlines, jails, hospitals, bars and hotels for two days now, with hopes of locating you.” 

If anyone has any information regarding whereabouts or having had contact with Ken Wexel since Tuesday, please call the Miami Police Dept. at 306-603-6300.

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