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Brennan Simolke missing from Mississippi

Brennan “”Smokey” Simolke was last seen on July 24, 2019. He told his mom, Missy he was going to Bayside Park on Sunflower Street to see a friend. She told the Sun Herald that the friend was a member of the Simon City Royals gang.

That evening the Hancock County Sheriff’s were attempting to pull over a car around Delise Exit mile marker 20 in Mississippi, when it sped off. The deputy followed with the lights on, but the car would not pull over and led the officer on a car chase to Interstate 10 east. The driver then He pulled off the highway and ran into the woods along with the passengers. Authorities arrested the driver and a passenger but one was not found and they believe that person was Brennan.

But, Brennan’s mother believes that her son never left Sunflower Street, and believes his disappearance is gang related.

And what does the driver and passenger say? One says Brennan was in the car and the other says he wasn’t.

On Facebook, Missy left her son a message, “I’m going to keep looking for you and get you home. Just guide us to you. Will be out looking again for you. Don’t give up because I haven’t stopped.”

If you have any information please call the Hancock sheriff’s office or leave an anonymous message here.

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