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Adrienne Quintal missing after calling for help from cabin in Michigan FOUND

Update 1-22-19 Adrienne’s family have stated they have found Adrienne’s body in the water. The family was canoeing down the Platte River on their 40 acres of land and discovered a body submerged in water. Her cause of pending.

UPDATE 11-8-19 The Benzie County Sheriff’s officials have released more information. Evidently, when Adrienne Quintal called her friend she told her she had a shoot out with two men. She’d shot one of the men in the face, she said, and the other man was shooting at her, reports Michigan Live. When the police got there they saw bullet holes in the windows. The bullets were fired from inside the cabin. No blood was found, but spent casings were found. Also, Quintal’s cell phone, purse and a handgun registered to Quintal was found in the cabin. Quintal’s 9mm handgun was found on the ground while her cell phone and boots were on the cabin’s roof.

Original story: The Benzie County Sheriff’s Office and the Michigan State Police are asking for assistance from the public with locating missing Adrienne “Ada” Quintal, 47, that was last seen at a cabin at 4900 Indian Hill Road,in Honor, Michigan. Honor is about 25 miles from Traverse City, Michigan.

According to their press release: “It is unknown at this time if she is missing voluntarily or in danger. On 10/17/2019 at approximately 2:45 a.m., the female, identified as Adrienne Quintal, called a third party in Warren, MI and asked for help. The third party then contacted the Sheriff’s office. Deputies and Michigan State Police arrived on scene at 2:58 a.m. and observed evidence of possible foul play but were unable to locate Adrienne. The Sheriff’s Office and The Michigan State Police conducted a K-9 track and ground search of the area, without success. “

Nick White, Adrienne’s son, told Fox 2, “that Quintal went up north with her boyfriend, but her son says that man came back to their place in Southfield on Tuesday, a couple days before she was noticed missing. ‘He was up there with her, he came home to drop supplies off, we are working on the condo here,’ White said.”

The press release also stated, “Adrienne Quintal is a 47-year-old, white female who goes by the name Ada. She has long brown hair with brown eyes. She is approximately 5’7” weighing 125 lbs. Adrienne had traveled from Warren, MI to a family cabin in Honor. MI.  Adrienne left behind her personal property, including her vehicle, cellphone, and purse. Family and friends of Adrienne have not reported to have heard from her since 10/17/2019.” 

On October 21, the Benzie County Sheriff’s Office stated, “The search did not turn up any new evidence supporting any theories around the recent disappearance of Adrienne.

The incident is currently under investigation. If anyone has seen of heard from Adrienne please contact Benzie County Central Dispatch at 231-882-4487 or contact the Michigan State Police Silent Observer at 1-866-774-2345.

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