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New book showcases missing Klein brothers from Minneapolis

Klein Family Photo

A new book showcases the case of three missing brothers, Kenneth Jr, 8, David, 6, and Danny, 4, who went missing from Minneapolis in 1951.

The book, “The Lost Brothers: A Family’s Decades-Long Search,” by Jack El-Hai tells the story of three brothers who went to the Farview Park, and left their 9-year-old brother, Gordon at home. Gordon told them he would meet them later after he fixed his knife sheath. When he got to the park, he could not locate his brothers.

A search by the police and volunteers and dogs could not locate the brothers. Police tracking dogs lost the trail of the boys on Colfax Avenue.  On the third day of the search a plaid woolen hat was found on the Mississippi River that was iced over. Other accounts stated there were two hats. The boys were never found.

Gordon who is now 70 and his parents, Betty and Kenneth Klein, who have since passed, never believed the boys drowned, and thought the hat was placed on the ice by an abductor. A reinvestigation of the case in 2012, led to a doubt that the boys actually died by drowning, and more to an actual abduction by someone.

According to the Star Tribune, Minneapolis Park Police Sgt. Jim Schultz told WCCO-TV the drowning theory was “an injustice — a bad conclusion.” Retired Hennepin County Medical Examiner Garry Peterson said the odds are close to one in a million that three boys could go in the river and never surface.

The book looks at other possibilities of what might have happened to the Klein brothers. Several people came forward years later stated they may know who abducted them, but none of the accounts have ever been proven. Read more here.

Several witnesses stated they saw the brothers.

Video about the missing Klein brothers.

Jack El-Hai first wrote about the case in 1998. He stated, “I first learned about the missing Klein boys during the mid-1990s after seeing one of the classified ads their parents placed in the newspaper on the anniversary of their disappearance.

Launch of the book and podcast is scheduled for Oct. 24 in Minneapolis. Read more here.

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