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James and Michelle Butler missing in Corpus Christi

UPDATE The bodies have been confirmed to belong to James and Michelle Butler. A man seen in a video crossing the border in the Butler’s RV has been arrested.

UPDATE 10/29/19 – This morning it was released that two bodies were found at Bob Hall pier.

UPDATE 10/27/19 – Late Sunday night there was a post that the RV was seen going across the border but was driven by someone that was not James or Michelle. Then later another post that a body had been found at Bob Hall pier (see photos below). Early this morning Kiiitv news reported, “A deputy went out to the area between mile markers 263 and 264 and found something suspicious. Investigators say they found the remains of a woman’s body at the scene.”

There is no statement of who this is and Caitlin has been quiet on social media since this news broke yesterday evening.

Original Story: James and Michelle Butler have gone missing from Texas. They were last known to be heading to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for work in October 2019. They were towing a RV and planned to be there on Nov. 20. The last confirmed location was at Burner Beach in Corpus Christi via a “check in” post on Facebook.

James and Michelle Butler (Facebook)

The Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office stated they might have been seen at the Padre Balli Park in Corpus Christi and told family they could camp at the beach for free.

Caitlin Roth who is the Butler’s in-law posted on social media, “We have had park ranger and local authority as far as I know actively looking for them. On the beaches there is no sight of them or vehicle. And YES I understand maybe they want to do “real” camping. And “unplug” without there family “bothering” them. But they have children, a granddaughter, siblings and very close friends they talk to daily. If they wanted to do that we know they would have let us know.”

South Padre had terrible winds last week and many of the power poles snapped off with live wires, and it could be that service is not totally working there.

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