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Couple missing from Corpus Christi since 2018

Tammy Kay Arthur, 32, and Chad Michael Peters, 40, are missing from Corpus Christi, Texas. They last communicated on November 9, 2018 by phone and text. Tammy told her children’s stepmother that her and Chad were in Bruni, Texas and were stopping to eat. That was the last anyone heard from them.

The FBI, Corpus Christi Field Division, told Tammy’s family they were seen on video crossing back and forth into Mexico and the last crossing was on November 7. Roxanna told me that the family had not seen the video, but were planning on doing that.

Tammy and Chad (Facebook)

This is very confusing as on Nov. 9, Tammy was communicating via her phone saying she was in Bruni, but the FBI state they saw them on video crossing into Mexico by Laredo before that. Why is there conflicting stories here? Was Tammy actually in Mexico but was telling her family they were in Bruni? Is the FBI mistaken and it is not actually them? Remember the McStay case? Hopefully, the family will be able to see the video footage so they can help confirm or deny that it is Chad and Tammy in the video.

Roxanna, Tammy’s mom posted on Bring Tammy and Chad Home Facebook page, “The FBI reported to us that they crossed the border very close to Laredo Texas and that it appeared they were “moving” to Mexico because the seen on video the car was loaded down with their ‘stuff’.” Bruni is about an hour away from Laredo.

Then in December 2018, a friend of Roxanna’s received a phone call from Temapache, Mexico. Temapache is about 10 hours away from Bruni.

But when they called the number, the person stated they did not know Tammy or Chad and have not allowed any American’s access to their phone.

So was the phone call not related? Was it just a random phone call, a butt dial maybe?

NBC reported in 2019, that phone calls are coming from Mexico demanding a ransom in a “virtual kidnapping” scam. In one case, a mother in Laguna Beach answered the phone and thought her daughter was telling her she had been kidnapped and taken in a white van. She found her daughter at school unaware of the phone call. Newsweek in 2017, reported on prisoner’s in Mexico trolling social media looking for unsuspecting victims. They would call and said they had their family member and were holding them for ransom and ask for small amounts of money, usually around $3000. The FBI’s Operation Hotel Tango identified victims in California, Minnesota, Idaho and Texas that were scammed out of more than $87,000. This scam has been going on for several years, maybe someone saw that Tammy and Chad were missing on social media and was planning on doing a scam or it could have just simple been a misdial.

And then there is the Snapchat messages. Roxanna also posted that she leaves messages on Snapchat for Tammy and “literally every 4 weeks those messages are open but I get no reply back.” Does someone have Tammy’s phone and is using it? Roxanna said that currently Snapchat is on “ghost” mode.

“I’m desperate to bring Tammy and Chad Home,” posted Roxanne. “She has 3 beautiful children that love and miss her so very much. I will NEVER believe that my daughter packed up her stuff, moved to a foreign country without communicating that to me and never see or speak to her children again. Also there is no way Chad would leave his Dad worry like this. Any and all assistance in this horrible situation are greatly appreciated. If you have seen Tammy and/or Chad or have any information please feel free to share in this group or contact the Corpus Christi Police Department.”

It is hard for me to believe that Chad and Tammy would walk away from their family, and I fear they may be victims of foul play, especially after the disappearance of James and Michelle Butler who were camping in their RV near Bob Hall Pier in Corpus Christi. A video captured their RV going into Mexico, and an unknown person was seen driving it. Although two bodies have been found near Bob Hall Pier, there has been no identification of the bodies at this writing. (positively identified).

Tammy is 90 pounds and 4’11” tall with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She has three skulls on her upper thigh with the names Austin, Mason and Kylee, a green clover on top of her foot, the word queen on her inner wrist and a large red star on her right upper arm with several small stars surrounding it.

Chad is 150 pounds, 5’10” tall, green eyes with a shaved head. He has a four-leaf clover on the back of his calf, sun on his back shoulder blade the word King on his inner wrist and his right arm has a half-sleeve from wrist to elbow of flames and skulls.

Also, the 2018 Lunar silver metallic, LX4-door Honda Accord with Texas plates Texas plate KWB0872 is missing. It could be parked anywhere. On the side of the road, or in a Walmart parking lot. Please keep an eye out for it and call the police if you see it.

Example of what the car looks like
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