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Mass graves found near AZ border; police ask families of the missing to submit DNA

Searching Mothers of Sonora have located additional bodies at a mass grave site near the Arizona Border called Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), bringing the total to 58. Rocky Point is just 1 hour south of the US border, and four hours from Phoenix. 

The group said they found 6 more bodies and that armed men forced them to stop searching.

“We left after the armed group arrived and later a team from the state attorney general’s office showed up,” the group Searching Mothers of Sonora posted on Twitter. “If anything happens to us we will hold the attorney general’s office responsible.”

Experts from the Scientific Forensic Intelligence Lab returned to do more digging and found more bodies, bringing the total to 10, and grand total from that site to 58, reports AZ Central. The Searching Mothers of Sonora believe there could even be more bodies.

A few years back I did a story on American’s that seemed to be homeless and abandoned or stuck in Mexico that needed help. The story went viral as a few of those people resembled missing American’s that could have possible gone into Mexico. You can read that story here.

I was receiving photos up to about 2018, then things became quiet. A recent interest in the story came about after James and Michelle Butler’s RV was seen going over the border to Mexico and they went missing. They were later found deceased. Read more here. Then shortly after another couple was brought to may attention that went missing after believed to have crossed the border into Mexico, Tammy Arthur and Chad Peters. They have not communicated with their family for a year. Read story here.

The authorities are not stating if anyone found is an America citizen but are asking families who have a missing person and believes that one of the dead may be their family member to complete a DNA test. You can contact the Sonora Attorney General’s Agency of Public Ministry.

At this point there has been 18 autopsies completed and one identified and returned to the family. The coroner will have to determine why they died before they can theorize why the bodies were buried in a mass grave.

I know many are wondering how recently these individuals died and the state said two bodies were decomposing and the remaining were skeletal remains.

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