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Jenn Pautenis missing from Granbury police and husband criticized by social media FOUND

UPDATE 12-4-19 – Edward Pautenis has been arrested and charged with 1st degree murder.

The Hood County Sheriff’s Office stated “We are currently working a scene in Hood County where human remains are being recovered and may be the remains of Jennifer Pautenis.

According to the family Jen has been found,

Original story: Jenn Pautenis, 29, AKA Jennifer Thornton is missing from Granbury, Texas. She was last seen on Sunday, October 20, 2019 at her home on Quail Run and Oak Grove Ct. area in Nassau Bay II. Her husband, Edward Pautenis stated that he was putting the kids to bed and heard the front door open, and believes Jenn left at that time, but did not take a vehicle or her cell phone.

Jennifer Pautenis (TDPS)

The next day, Ed stated that Jenn returned to the home while he was dropping the children off at school and doing grocery shopping and picked up luggage and clothes and left again.

Click here to watch a video on Jenn

Daisy Newhouse, Jenn’s sister told the Hood County News that Jenn and Ed has gone to Tennessee just before Jenn went missing. A statement from the family to MPofA says that Jenn was on family vacation in Clarksville, Tn on Oct 20th and she returned home around midnight. She was seen unpacking her stuff from the van and went missing around 9:30 pm that night.

The family tells me that, “since then we have received no updates and it’s like she vanished out of thin air. We as her family know Jenn and she loved her children more than anything and would never leave her kids like this, let alone lose contact with her family.”

When Jenn first went missing, her husband did not report her gone, because Jenn’s husband stated she was fine. He believes that Jenn left with another man. Melissa Thornton, Jenn’s sister stated, ” He seems to think she just left her family to start a new life.”

Jenn worked at LifeCare EMS in Weatherford and has not reported for work. Her employer was the one that reported her missing to the police. Melissa who lives in Florida reported her missing, too.

Jenn and Ed (Facebook)
Jenn and Ed (Facebook)

The family told MPofA, “We learned the other day that Ed has loaded her van and it is no longer at the house. We have been doing all we can to find our loved one. We are asking that if anyone seen her around that time to let us know and any video surveillance that may have her in them that live in the local area. At this point any information could be helpful in determining what happened to Jennifer and could be the key to finding the answers we need to bring her home and would be greatly appreciated.”

The family also wanted to thank the community for all their help. “The local community there has begun to help her family search local areas to try and find clues and without them we would be lost. So, a special thanks to the community and to social media cause every post counts. We want everyone to know how grateful we are for each and every person trying to help us find answers. We are a family that could use help in any way possible.”

The family states that Jenn was on SnapChat everyday but she has not been on since she went missing. At first the family believed she may have been heading to them in Florida, but they have now changed their mind and believe there is foul play involved with her disappearance. Jenn’s other sister, Daisy Newhouse told the Hood County News, “she is critical of the Hood County Sheriff’s Dept. because they told her they believe her sister left on her own free will.” She, also said that Jenn made a phone call before she left, but the investigators did not tell her anymore than that. Daisy stated that because Edward was not searching for Jenn and she felt the Hood County Sheriff’s Dept. was not doing enough, she reached out to the Texas Rangers, who stated they would look into the case.

Jenn and Ed got married on August 12, 2017. See YouTube video below:

They also went on the Trisha Goddard Show:

Jenn and Edward appear on the Trisha Goddard Show

Because of the criticism on how the Hood County Sheriff’s Office has been handling Jenn’s case, Sheriff Roger Deeds responded with a press release. In part it stated, “In reference to the missing person case on Jennifer Pautenis, I can assure you we take her case or any other missing person case seriously. My Deputies and my Investigators are competent and knowledgeable law men and women. Just because we do not tell the HC News details of the investigation, does not mean we are not quietly working behind the scenes following leads and trying to find the missing person.It is procedure to call the Texas Rangers to assist in different types of cases we investigate. They have more resources and are very helpful when working a complicated case. Do we call them on every case? No, we do not. Only when we feel the investigation will benefit from the resources of the Texas Rangers. I can assure you we are doing everything we can to find Jennifer Pautenis.”

Jenn’s Facebook page.

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