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What happened to Jeannette? Post goes viral after Lyft driver takes her to a warehouse

Jeannette Mitchell has a live video on Facebook that is going viral. It takes a while to read through everything to understand what happened, so I will break it down for you.

Yesterday morning, in Houston, Texas, Jeannette posted a live video from a gas station, to warn others of their surroundings. In the video, Jeannette says she was on her way to work and dropped her “baby girl” at school and her car started acting up. She called her dad who said to leave the car and he would fix it later and to take a Lyft to work. She said that she noticed the “Lyft” driver was not going on major streets or following the GPS. She asked him why he was doing that and at first he wouldn’t answer her. She repeated the question and he told her to be quiet. The driver stopped behind a truck and the driver sat there and didn’t move. Then a “black man with braids in his hair” got out of the truck and walked towards the car and told the driver to back up into the warehouse.

Jeannette posted, “The driver wasn’t black, his help, the truck that he pulled behind was a black guy. He was the one that opened the gate.”

Jeannette said in the video that she got out of the car and ran and called the police and was waiting at a gas station for them to show up.

“The cops did a report canvas the area,” posted Jeannette. By the time they came both drivers were gone etc. I’m just waiting to here the next steps. They have all his info and lyft was contacted.”

Many are asking where this location is on Jeannette’s post and she responded:

Checking on the address, it appears to be a property that was listed in 2018. It sold, but I couldn’t find a date. The listing reads: “Just blocks away from Westpark tollway and minutes to the Galleria. Iron fence around lot, small storage building with second floor office space. Secure concrete storage units with an open high covered steel structure.”


Although there is criticism for her actions, and a lot of repeated questions, there is a lot of people glad that she got away. There are also some that don’t believe her, but the majority do.

Jeanette responded to her naysayers with this post, “Daniel Green that’s all you have to say,,,,, tuhhhh thank you for your concern. You really don’t know how long I stayed in. It all happened quickly than you think in 3-5 minutes. I stayed in too long?? According to who??? I’m safe and covered by the blood of Jesus. Thank you for being the CEO, of the get out of the car quicker committee 😳🙄✌🏾 have a blessed day.”

Then one of the comments, plain stated they didn’t believe her, “Havent seen this on the news.. Wanting to believe her, but its hard.. First off, you contact Lyft by the internet.. Then the ‘ black guy had braids and everything’ comment was so fake.. Human trafficking is real.. HPD wouldve been there immedoately.. Who was she on the phone with while shes asking the driver why is he going the wrong way?? I really want to believe her, but I just cannot…”

Many came to Jeannette’s defense, but then she took her own with this comment, “Lete Durden you’re one of the stupidest bitches if ran across on this post. First off. It’s the way I talk. I definitely contacted lyft by phone/Internet; whoever said I didn’t. The comment about the black guy can sound fake to you, I guess you’re an expert. That’s great!!!!HPD was called, before the video. A report was made. And NO!!!! They didn’t come out immediately, they took their FUCKING TIME, they don’t care about US, don’t you get it, fucking dummy. You behave just the way they want us to. When someone is trying to spread awareness, what do we get?? Our on kind doubting us. God forbid of this happens to you or your loved ones, less see if your plan of attack will go as planned, because mines didn’t. Who was I on the phone with is none of your damn business, but since you’re asking, I was on the phone with my fiancé, discussing what was going on with my car on the first place. Trust me, you’re the last person I need/want to believe me. You’re a disgrace to plenty. How about you do some justice for the ones who weren’t as fortunate as I was and share this info….. Rahmanuddin is his name, the driver of red Toyota Corolla (KSX4612). 8634 Lipan Houston Texas is the location , physical address , it’s supposedly a tree company that’s been shut down for over a year that’s where they were taking me. This is the latest information. I’ll soon also post photos of the location as well. The police are involved. This post is for others to be aware of their surroundings. These comments will really have a person depressed, BUT GOD!!!!✌🏾”

Was Jeannette the target of trafficking? It is hard to say at this point, although social media believes she was. Many have even said they have heard of this happening before.

Below are some recent kidnapping stories that were allegedly done by Lyft drivers.

Woman kidnapped at gunpoint

Lyft driver charged with kidnapping

The website shows a list of incidents with Uber and Lyft drivers and one sections shows a list of “Alleged Sexual Assaults and Harassment Incidents with Uber and Lyft Drivers” dating from 2013 to 2016 and five alleged kidnappings by Ubers drivers dated 2014-2015, there is also a section of “Imposters” where fake Uber drivers have robbed, assaulted and raped from 2014 – 2016.

If you would like to watch Jeannettes full video click here.

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