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Chance Englebert missing from Nebraska

UPDATE 2/4/21 – A state senator has been ordered to not contact the wife of missing Chance Englebert.

A judge ruled that former state Senator Lyndi DiSanto has been stalking Baylee Englebert, reports Rapid City Journal.

“It appears there exists a clear and present danger of further stalking or of serious adverse consequences” to Baylee Englebert, a Crook County, Wyoming, judge wrote in a temporary protection order in May 2020, when the paperwork was first filed.

Lyndi DiSanto served in the Legislature from 2015 through December 31, 2019, when she resigned. She started a Facebook page called Lyn Seeks Truth in May 2019.

Her last post was on Tuesday, about missing Serenity Dennard.

On February 9, 2020, Lyndi went to Moorcroft to Baylee’s house. A police report stated that Baylee called 911 to report Lyndi was video taping her house and she was scared.

Below is a video after Lyn’s trip.

Also, below another video showing where new concrete was poured according to Lyndi:

Another video that Lyn posted showing freshly poured concrete.

The police arrived and talked with Lyndi and she left, according to Rapid City Journal. They also told Baylee to put up “No Trespassing Signs” and if Lyndi came on the property again, they could arrest her.

There was no mention if Lyndi ever went back to the home. But Lyndi did say on her Facebook page that she was ordered not to talk about it anymore, or she would go to jail.

Original Story:

Chance Englebert, 25, has been missing from Bayard, Nebraska since June 6, 2019. He was last seen by his father-in-law and brother-in-law while they were golfing at the Chimney Rock Golf Course that afternoon.

Watch the video about Chance Englebert

Later, Chance’s wife Baylee picked him up from the golf course and they went to their relatives home in Gering. While there, a “family quarrel” began, according to family. Chance left the home on foot around 7:30 p.m.

On the Facebook page Chance Englebert, Daddy Where Are You? There is more information about this case. On the about section is posted the following: Hi, my name is Banks, Chance Englebert, my dad, went missing on July 6, 2019. My daddy had a couple of rough weeks. He was laid off at the mine, though he had a new job starting the next Monday and stress with his family referenced in tv interview when his mom said to ignore the last week. On Saturday July 6, he was golfing with some family members in Bayard, NE. Daddy got upset about a remark made about his job, he was one of hundreds laid off from the mine. Providing for Mom and I was important to him and I think his pride was at stake. Daddy called mom, Baylee Bewley Englebert, to come get him at the golf course. When we got back to my great grandparents house, mommy and I went in to pack our stuff because daddy wanted to go back home to Moorcroft. Daddy didn’t come inside but took off walking around 7:20. Daddy talked to mom a couple times on the phone. From phone records we know daddy called a couple friends. We were told he asked one to come get him, he was going to Torrington, but friend said he was unable too. He had two unanswered calls from his mom. That is the extent of his phone records before phone was shut off. He was spotted on camera at 7:48 by Weathercraft Roofing in Gering NE. Daddy maybe was on a ring camera at 8:01 by Terry Blvd in Terrytown, NE, this is debatable. At 9:08 he sent a weird text to his aunt and about 9:15 his phone was shut off. (Note times are app.) This is the last time Daddy was heard from. Where are you Daddy? Did you just walk away from me and Mom, I don’t think so. Did somebody pick you up, we don’t know. Did you run into some trouble, I wish we knew. Does somebody know something, I’m sure of it. Wherever you are Daddy, mom and I want you home. There are so many people that love you.

The family called him on his cell phone but he never answered. He has not been seen since.

I contacted Chance’s mother and frankly it was like pulling teeth to get any info. I wanted facts and with several other Facebook pages that concentrated on theory, I needed to make sure I was getting that, so I contacted her. I asked many questions and got few answers. But, Dawn stated that the Gering PD was not telling her anything, so that might be why. Dawn did say that Chance called a friend to come pick him up but he was 4 hours away. I never got an answer if he actually left to come get him. I asked if the phone had been turned off and she said she didn’t know but, “the friend called us and Chance would answer.” Answer what, the friend? His Phone? it was cryptic. I was also curious as to where the phone pinged but Dawn didn’t know. I saw that there were social media posts on his phone pinging on Oak St. so then I knew that information must have been released somewhere so, I reached out to Chance’s wife, but didn’t hear anything back. So, I can’t confirm it.

There has been a search for him by authorities and family but no clues as to where he may be. The family has asked that the public look at their camera’s on their properties to see if they see Chance walking through and to search any out buildings on their property and to also look around the areas where search crews have not covered like southwest Scottsbluff and northwest Gering,

There is an $8,000 reward for information in Chance’s disappearance.

You can donate to the reward through the Black Hills Federal Credit Union in care of the Chance Englebert Reward Fund. The bank can also be contacted at 800-482-2428.

Anyone with information on Chance’s whereabouts, please contact the Gering Police at 308-436-5089.

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