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5 women that suddenly disappeared after crashing their car

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Over the years there are people that have disappeared after they were in a car accident. Some are found later walking down a road and some are found years later deceased miles from where they crashed, but these five women have never been found. Today we are going over 5 cases of women that have suddenly disappeared after a car accident.

#1 Kimberly Flint – Kimberly Flint, 57, went missing from Rusk County Texas.  According to posts, she went missing on Highway 84, east of Reklaw TX on Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2018. Her crashed vehicle was found on the side of the road.

Kimberly Flint
Kimberly Flint

James Flint, Kim’s son and his family became the spokesperson for the family and posted daily videos of his search for his mom, and pleas for any information.

The car that Kimberly was driving was taken to a wrecking yard in Reklaw. James was influential in getting the car taken to the sheriff’s office for processing. They police later stated they saw no evidence of crime and no tests for blood were done because the sheriff’s office stated they had no luminal to test with. The Flint family called in a private party to go over the car. On one of the post on Kim’s Facebook, Johnny Davidson wrote:

“Look closely to the pictures that are attached to this post….. you see it…. yes, unbelievable!! That my Friends is what you call a clue!!

that stain you see on the seat, well guess what, it field tested as blood!!!

RCSO missed it if they even processed this car at all!!!!”

#2 Maura Murray Maura Murray, 21, was last seen on February 9, 2004, after a car crash on Route 112 near WoodsvilleNew Hampshire, a village in Haverhill. She was a nursing student completing her junior year at the University of Massachusetts Amherst at the time of her disappearance.

On the afternoon of Monday, February 9, Maura was at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she was a nursing student. Just before she left the campus, she emailed her professors and work supervisor, writing that she was taking a week off due to a death in the family; BUT according to her family, there had not been a death. She cleaned out all of the money from her bank account, packed her bags, and proceeded to head out on her last known drive, buying around $40 worth of booze along the way. It is still not known why she was so obsessed with Vermont.

On Feb. 9, Maura has car crash on Route 112. A passing motorist asked if she needed help and she said she had called for help. The person left and went home and called the police. When the police got there Maura was gone.

In Maura’s car, was found directions to Burlington and Stowe, Vermont, and a whole box of wine that had been damaged and had leaked out onto the ground around the car. There was also found a book on mountain climbing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Maura’s childhood stuffed animal, and a rag stuffed into the tailpipe of the car, its purpose unknown. Maura’s backpack, phone, and wallet were missing.

It was learned that before the accident Maura had become upset over a phone call she got at 1 AM while at work. Two days after that, she told her boyfriend by email that she did not want to speak with him, after which she had made calls seeking condominium rentals in New Hampshire, as well as as those for seeking information on the town of Stowe, Vermont.

Maura Murray’s crashed vehicle

An abandoned black backpack was found out in the snow in the woods near Pemigewasset Overlook, near the Kancamagus Highway, that was thought to be Maura’s. I have not heard whether it was or not. Maura still remains missing. At one point it was thought she had been found alone in the woods, but last it was found to not be here. You can read that story here.

#3 Brianna Maitland – On March 19, 2004, 17-year-old Brianna Maitland left her job at the Black Lantern Inn, in Montgomery, Vermont, telling her co-workers that she was going to go home and rest before her second job. She was never seen again. Her car was found smashed into an abandoned house nearby, with her wallet, two paychecks, and other possessions.

Brianna Maitland

Brainna has not been seen since. It is known that Brianna left a note for her roommate that she would be home after work, but she never showed up. Her disappearance remains unsolved.

#4 Leah Roberts. Leah Roberts, 23, of Durham, North Carolina, who disappeared under strange circumstances in March of 2000.

On March 11, 2000, Leah failed to show up for an appointment with her friend to do some babysitting, and all attempts to reach her went unanswered. When she had still not been seen or heard from on March 13, she was declared a missing person. Leah’s room showed signs that she had been preparing for a lengthy trip of some sort, with many of her belongings and clothes missing and even her cat was gone, as well as with money with a note saying that it was for the following month’s rent, along with a promise to be back by that time, and it was thought that she had perhaps decided to go through with her plans for a road trip after all without telling anyone she was leaving.

Later it was discovered that Leah had been buying gas and staying at motels along I-40. Her last gas purchase was at Brooks, Oregon and then there are no more charges.

On March 18, 2000, Leah’s wrecked Jeep Cherokee was accidentally found by some joggers in a remote forest near the Mount Baker Highway in Whatcom County, Washington, not far from the Canadian border and Desolation Peak. The Jeep has gone off the road at a high rate of speed and tumbled before crashing. At the scene there was not signs of blood. But Leah’s clothes were found strung up in the trees. Inside the car were pilllows and blankets places over the windows. Her passport, wallet and jewelry, cash and a cat carrier and food were found around the wreck. There was even a ticket stub for a theater performance in the nearby town of Bellington.

Searches for Leah was done with tracking dogs but she was not found. A man came forward and said he saw a disorientated woman wandering around a gas station in Everett, Wash. Another person said they saw her in Oregon and was traveling with a man named Barry. But they were never confirmed. Many believe that Leah may have crashed and hit her head and maybe used her car as a shelter until she wandered off on her own, and could still be out there.

#5 Patricia “Patty” Meehan, 37,  was last seen on April 20, 1989.  She was living on a ranch in Bozeman, Montana when she got into a car accident on a stretch of highway in Circle, Montana because she was driving on the wrong side of the road.  Witnesses, Peggy Bueller and her father pulled over to assist the woman, Carol Heitz who was hit by Patty.  Peggy left to find a phone to call the police. The witnesses stated they saw Patty get out of her car by climbing out the window.  They stated it appeared as though she was staring off into space, like she was in a trance.  Then, suddenly she walked toward a fence and climbed it.  After dropping to the other side she just stood there motionless for a bit, looking at where the accident was, and eventually, wandered off.

The below selfie was found when the family developed a roll of film found in her car.  It is said to represent the same far away stare that Patty had when the couple walked up to her.


Authorities have stated it is possible that Patty has amnesia.  During the investigation tennis shoe tracks were found about ¾ of a mile from the crash.  Because of the size of the tracks they were believed to be Patty’s.  The tracks were followed until they disappeared in the terrain.     The Spokane Chronicle reported: “During an earlier sighting, she reportedly asked a truck driver the way to Washington an apparently had been hitching rides and was seen at two truck stops and fast food restaurants along the I-90 corridor.  Tom Meehan, Patty’s father told the Spokane Chronical that through photographs of Patty had been reported, three of which were confirmed by police.  I could not find any definite information on which ones.     There are also countless comments from people visiting websites, blogs, forums, and articles about Patty’s disappearance stating they have also seen her.  But, no one has ever gotten a picture.   Patty is 5’3″ tall.  At the time of her disappearance she weighed 100-105 pounds, with strawberry blonde hair past her shoulders, green-gray eyes and freckles.  She was last seen wearing blue jeans and high-topped white tennis shoes.     Patty may still be out there homeless.  

If you know of anyone that went missing after crashing their car, please let me know. I am currently working on the 5 men that went missing after crashing their car.

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