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Day: December 13, 2019

Austin woman and her baby missing FOUND

Please note this post is running in reverse chronological order with the latest info on top. If your reading this for the first time you may want to start towards the bottom, at ORIGINAL STORY. January 7, 2020 – An affidavit helps explain a lot of things that were happening surrounding this case. We now […]

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RESULTS are back: Missing since 1994; has D’Wan Sims Been Found?

UPDATE 6/21/21 – Mike Cash is not D’Wan Sims. DNA testing came back last week and there was no match. In 2019, he posted on social media that he was wondering if he could be a missing child. “His DNA does not match,” said Goralski, who investigated D’Wan’s disappearance. “He’s not D’Wan. For his part, it’s […]

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