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RESULTS are back: Missing since 1994; has D’Wan Sims Been Found?

UPDATE 6/21/21 – Mike Cash is not D’Wan Sims. DNA testing came back last week and there was no match. In 2019, he posted on social media that he was wondering if he could be a missing child.

“His DNA does not match,” said Goralski, who investigated D’Wan’s disappearance. “He’s not D’Wan. For his part, it’s hopefully some closure for him. For us, it means our investigation is still ongoing, and we’re still trying to solve the case.”

This information was not well known over the last 11 months until today (2019), when the media posted that the young man had submitted his DNA for testing to see if he was a match for missing 4-year-old D’Wan Sims.

Top left photo is D’Wan, and top middle photo is Mike Cash when he was a baby

After the media story came out, social media began sharing the baby photo of a young Mike Cash who was wondering if he was D’Wan.

Click on Detroit stated that the Police said the young man came into the station a couple days ago to give his DNA.

D’Wan Sims was reported missing on Dec. 11, 1994, by his mom, Dwanna Sims Harris Jackson. He was only 4-years-old. She stated D’Wan and her had gone to the Wonderland Mall in Livonia, Michigan and he went missing while they were at the Target department store heading toward the food court when she noticed D’Wan had vanished.

Accounts back in 1994 stated that the authorities went through video and never saw D’Wan with his mom.

Investigators administered two polygraph tests to Dwanna shortly after Sims disappeared and she failed both of the attempts. Dwanna’s mother was a staunch defender of her daughter and believed she was too upset for the results to be correct. But, they might not be so. Click on this story about Polygraph test, What Does Inconclusive Mean on a Polygraph Test, so you can make your own determination.

Mike has posted that his young life was a mystery, and he doesn’t remember much before the age of 5. He also said he had reached out to Dwanna, the mother of D’wan Sims, but she blocked him. He also posted that he had DNA done with the man that his mom told him was his dad and it came back that it was not his father. He says his mom is mad and won’t talk with him now, after that.

Somethings don’t seem to quite connect. Like the baby picture he has. Many on social media are wonder how Mike could have a photo of himself at around age 2, if he went missing at the age of 4. But, he states that is the one that his mom gave him, and one of few that he has of himself..

Mike posted on social media he believed he might be D’wan.

Social media was wondering if Dwanna Harris would provide DNA to be compared with Mike’s, but archives show that DNA tests were conducted using DNA from D’Wan’s parents in 2003 in connected with the remains found of a boy in 1999. So, it is likely that the authorities already have the DNA.

Mike, aka Mike KingCash also posted,

As soon as more information comes in this story will be updated,

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