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14-year-old Harley Dilly from Ohio last seen walking to school FOUND

Harley Dilly has been found deceased

Sadly, the body of Harley Dilly was found inside a chimney in a home across the street from where he lived.

UPDATE 1/11/20 – New information. I found out that the school called Harleys family, but they were unable to reach them as their voice mail was full. Harley’s older sister is living in a different state, and her home was searched but there was no sign of Harley

Harley Dilly, 14, has been missing from Port Clinton, Ohio since December 20, 2019. He was last seen leaving school. A video captured him across the street from his house at 6:08 a.m. on that Friday.

Police believe they may have found a photograph of missing teen Harley Dilly taken in the area of Harley’s residence on East Fifth Street and the Port Clinton High and Middle School campuses between 6 and 7 a.m. Friday. (Photo: Port Clinton Police Department)

A search party will be conducted the weekend and you can join by going to the “Search Party for Harley Dilly” Facebook page for updates.

Harley was on social media daily, and according to the police he was on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube and Discord. It all stopped when he went missing.

Harley Dilly (4-chan)

Detective Timmons was forthcoming in stating the social media activity that Harley had done. He said that Harley liked to livestream himself playing games. He had over 1000 subscribers. He had two YouTube accounts were he uploaded videos of him playing Madden NFL Mobile and Roblox, and other games. He also did vlogs and talked about sports and his own life.

Timmons also discussed Harley’s habits, and that that had “a very particular schedule — he eats certain foods, he bathes several times a day, sometimes four or fives times a day.”

They are also considering that Harley may have gone to meet someone that morning. He never showed up at school that day.

Also, Harley’s parents didn’t contact the police until Saturday morning . They stated that he had “stayed out all night before,” but when he didn’t come home, they became concerned. Evidently, Harley would stay with friends when there were issues in the home. So, with those statements we have to conclude that there was some type of “issue.” Because if there wasn’t the parents would have called the police that afternoon when he didn’t come home from school, but they waited till Saturday.

The police chief told media that he was aware of this and that Harley leaving for the night was not rare. He also said the police were involved.

And according to a post from the mother, Harley stated he felt sick and didn’t want to go to school, but he was told to go.

Heather Dilly, Harley’s mom stated, ““The scrutiny that comes with it, nobody tells you how you’re going to be bashed and your family. And the biggest focus is Harley. That’s the biggest thing. You know, everybody can think whatever they want and that’s fine. But he’s out there somewhere, and you know, it’s two weeks and I have to get up every day and look in that room and he’s not there. I have to see his light. I won’t even go sleep in my own bed. I have to go lay on the couch so I can make sure he walks in.”

Found on Reddit – IRL mean In Real Life

If you have any information about Harley Dilly’s disappearance, please call the Port Clinton Police Department at (419) 734-3121.

He is 4’9″ and weighs 100 pounds. He has brown hair and green eyes. He was last seen wearing the maroon coat, gray sweatpants and black tennis shoes. Harley’s cellphone was broken and he didn’t have it with him.

A reward of more than $18,000 is available for information in the case. Anyone with tips is urged to call the Port Clinton Police Department or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 800-843-5678.

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