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Amy Harding-Permann missing from Great Falls FOUND

UPDATE 4/9/20. The body of Amy Harding-Permann has been found. She was found on the shoreline behind a house along Big Bend Lane. The police stated that when they did a search for Amy earlier in the investigation, Sheriff’s deputies searched Buckshot Island, a region near her residence, they found personal items that led them to believe she was nearby. Then a hole in the ice was found. After finding Amy’s body they determine that Amy fell through the ice and drowned. Sheriff Daughter stated to media: “We treat all missing person cases as criminal investigations until we obtain all the evidence. If we publicly release that we found a hole in the ice, if we’re interviewing people and let’s say there was foul play involved, they’re really going to point to the hole in the ice as the reason she went missing.” (What ever that statement means.)

Original story: Amy Harding-Permann, 34 is missing from Great Falls, Montana since January 26, 2020. On Facebook she states she is a Registered Nurse with Benefits Health System and has been in a relationship since 2013.

Amy (Facebook)

The Cascade County Sheriff’s Dept. were called to her home at 343 Flood Road, after a 911 disturbance call around 8.19 p.m. Her boyfriend , John VanGilder, a neurosurgery specialist, stated that Amy assaulted him and left, and was heading southeast toward the Missouri River.

John and Amy (Facebook)

What we don’t know is if VanGilder called the police because he was assaulted, or because he was concerned about Amy walking off or because Amy had not return. We don’t know the time difference between the alleged assault and when Amy left and when VanGilder called.

The police wasted no time going to search for her. The sheriff stated during a presser that they were concerned about her welfare because of her attire.

Social media is beginning to talk about this case. Mostly many are questioning the alleged assault. They are also wondering why she ran off in the night? One social media comment stated, “Only people fleeing for their lives are the ones that “run off.” Other’s question why the boyfriend didn’t go after her. Others wonder why she didn’t get in her car if she was leaving.

My thought if she walked away to cool off, she would be back by now. It would begin to get really uncomfortable really fast in 30 degree weather if you have no jacket on. That alone, I think would send you back home.

I looked at a map and you can see the Missouri River is very close to the back of the house.

Once again, we don’t know how long it was between Amy leaving and Van Gilder calling the police, but if it was right away, maybe she saw the police showed up and actually did hit her boyfriend and didn’t want to go to jail, and for that reason is staying away. But, the longer we go without her reappearing the more it appears something had to have happened to her.

Also, in the map you can see several homes near by. If she had sought refuge at one of those homes, I am sure she would have been located by now. If she had gone into town, it would have taken her 3 hours to walk there. Right now we don’t have any information that anyone else has seen her, so we only have VanGilder’s info that she walked southeast.

Amy was wearing black pants, and a long-sleeve t-shirt.

Searchers have been out since she went missing searching with K-9’s, a drone, a helicopter and ground searches.

If you have any information about Amy, please call the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office at 406-454-6970.

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