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11-year-old Gannon Stauch missing from Colorado Springs FOUND

January 19, 2021 – Letecia Stauch, 37, has been found mentally fit to stand trial for the second time. Her court date is set for March 11-12, 2021.

Florida medical examiner has tentatively identified the remains of a young boy found near Pensacola on Wednesday as 11-year-old Gannon Stauch. An autopsy was performed and results indicate the body belongs to Gannon.

The remains were found in Pace, Florida in Santa Rosa County which is about 15 miles north of Pensacola on the Florida panhandle. It’s almost 1,400 miles from Colorado Springs. Authorities have not said how Gannon’s body got there. A gag order is in place and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said Friday it is not allowed to comment further on the remains.

The authorities are asking if you saw Letecia Stauch in Pace or Pensacola, Florida around Feb 3-5, to call the El Paso Sheriff’s Office at 719-520-6666.

Area where Body was found (WEAR TV)

The below story runs in reverse chronological order:

Leticia Stauch went for a hearing this morning and she chose to waive extradition, and will be sent to Colorado

Letecia Stauch during hearing

UPDATE 3/2/20 – The step mother, Leticia Stauch aka as Tee, of Gannon Stauch has been arrested on suspicion of murder according to News 9 Denver. This story broke at 11:15 this morning. There will be a news presser at noon today. Also, family of Leticia was arrested for domestic violence. No news whether this is connected.

The sheriff said the charges against Leticia Stauch are first-degree murder of a child under 12 by a person in a position of trust; child abuse resulting in death; tampering with a deceased human body; and tampering with physical evidence. The authorities stated they had developed new evidence that helped them crack the case, but they are not saying what that is. It could be they have proof that Leticia is lying or after the search of the home, found evidence that shows something happened at the house, or it could be a combination of several things. I am thinking it may have to do with blood, as Leticia herself brings up that there was blood in the garage when Gannon cut his foot. I am wondering if there was more found than would be caused by a cut. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to hear what it is.

Update 2/17/20 – The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office released a statement: “On February 15, 2020, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and partners continued to search specific areas and we have over 100 trained individuals and specialized assets to include Search and Rescue, Mounted and K-9’s, assisting in today’s search efforts. The investigation and search processes continue to run parallel with one another. The police brought in a snow sifter and crews gathered buckets of snow and put the snow through sifters on Monday, said the CBS Denver. Many on social media are speculating they were looking for possible Gannon’s switch that is missing.  Two reporters stated they saw search and rescue crews using shovels and poles to poke through the snow.

The Sheriff’s Office has received 540 tips to date.  These tips include possible sightings, search suggestions, social media related information, suspicious activity, found property/possible evidence and video/photo/drone evidence.”

A statement was released to the news media from Leticia Stauch, Gannon’s stepmother.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank all agencies, volunteers, and community members who are working diligently and praying endlessly to bring Gannon home safe. Thank you to my husband who has stayed strong through this and protected our family to the best of his ability and our immediate & extended family members throughout the east coast. To Gannon, please come home soon because your daddy is waiting to watch the new Sonic movie that comes out this week and the cool shirt I got you to wear to the theatre is in your closet.

Social Media has been devastating from the harsh comments, speculations, threats, cyber bullying, etc. It has been a challenge when people are trying to run you off the road, waiting outside your hotel, threatening to kill you, etc. I encourage the Sheriff’s Office to take down those pages that promote negative behavior and violence. Let’s Do what Gannon would do. Be Kind to one another!

We all have engaged in something crazy online at some point but Gannon would want everyone to get along and to focus on finding him.

I know that many people have kids and are invested in this because it hits close to home for them. I would like to think that overall most people are genuine and want to do everything in their power to find G. With that being sad, Please take a step back for a moment and let me explain to you a few details that were not released. For example, just like the video that was leaked, there are additional details that were hidden due to 1) the department doing its job 2) the effects of social media and how some individuals would criticize or hinder the investigation. I chose to listen, I didn’t leak videos or information. But at this time it’s getting later in the process and we just want Gannon home. I feel the need to fill in some gaps. Now let me stress this, POLICE have known this since the first interview.

Saturday Night, G was helping me unload in the garage and cut his foot because there are a lot of tools because Albert does woodworking.

He sat on the edge of the car and we bandaged it up. He was good to go. He always loves helping his dad in the garage build things like his LEGO tables and the flower pot they built for me as a gift. After this, I noticed G kept going to the side of the house.

He told me he was checking to see if the gate was locked because he was the only one with a gate key. It made him proud to be the man of the house while Albert was away. Fast forward, we did a hike on Sunday (cleared), and shopping on Monday (cleared as well for him getting out of the other side). Please don’t think for a second that there isn’t enough of technology to determine shadows and movement around the truck. There was also proof from my phone that we had taken a selfie in the truck in our driveway that was time stamped. We always send pictures to Albert when we are out and about or when he is away. That can be scanned for actual time verification. Last, from day one the Sheriff’s office has known a description of the person/friend whom Gannon left with.

I explained to them and provided evidence. They had information about G having the key to go out the side gate. Last they have more in-depth details that go along with this pointing to who sent the person or why he may have come. Again, I repeat they have had this Initially and I was asked to keep quiet about it so they could have the best shot at doing their job and bringing G home. The last thing that they needed was a hindrance to their investigation. I encourage you to think of any suspicious cars that may have been in the area watching a few days prior and keep praying for G!

Tecia Stauch”

UPDATE: 2/10/20 – On Sunday night, a video and some documents appear on social media under Gannon’s stepmom’s account.

Afterwards, Tee Stauch herself, or someone who hacked in to her account was responding to different groups on social media. She was stating that Gannon’s mother used drugs and that she knew where Gannon was. On one post she was responding to the candle accident where Gannon evidently kicked over a candle and burned the carpet.

Here are some of the posts found on social media and the video about the incident:

UPDATE 2/4/20 – New information has come out regarding the video surveillance that neighbor Rockerick Drayton found and showed to the police and Gannon’s father. Today he told news media that the video showed Letecia and Gannon Stauch get into a red pickup truck in the driveway of their home around 10:15 a.m.

About four hours later, the truck returns to the house and Leticia Stauch gets out of the vehicle alone. Rockerick also said that when he showed the video to Gannon’s dad, “He just broke down crying and said, ‘she lied. She lied about the time. He didn’t go to a friend’s house,’” Drayton told ABC 11.

You can watch the video below or clink on this link to see the full video:

UPDATES on the case:

UPDATE 1/31/20 – Gannon’s step mom, Tee did an interview with KKTV that has social media more angry than ever at her.

Standing with her back to the camera, Tacia Staunch tells a KKTV reporter that she wasn’t allowed to talk about the investigation, and wanted to talk about how the community needed to stick together and not make false accusations, for example why she hasn’t been helping and why she hasn’t been around. She said it was because her family has been receiving death threats and her husbands ex wife was living in “our” home and she was told she couldn’t go home. She also said the police stated that she was not complying with the investigation. Well, there is lots, lots, more, so go to this link and you can watch the full video.

UPDATE 1/30/20: There was a press conference this evening and there was no new information. A reporter asked if Gannon had been seen in any videos and the police will not state if he was or not. If the answer was know I would think they would just say no, so I am wondering if he was spotted in a surveillance video somewhere. They said it was an active investigation, and can’t say much, and that was about it, except, they made a point of expressing their dismay over all the social media rumors. Because of that they will only accept tips to their tip line and will not except tips from social media because it is encumbering their investigation.

Original Story: Gannon Stauch, 11, a 5th Grader at Grand Mountain, Lorson Ranch. is missing from Colorado. He was last seen Jan 27, between 3:15 and 4 p.m. before he left his home on Mandan Drive in Colorado Springs in El Paso County, Colorado.

He asked to go to his friends house and step mom, Tecia said yes. When he didn’t come back home in a couple of hours, she began to get worried.

On social media, Gannon’s step mom posted that Gannon did not go to school on Monday, because he was sick.

News5 spoke with Al Stauch, Gannon’s dad. He talked about Gannon and said, “He’s not really the type just to walk off…told my wife he was going to play and then…haven’t seen him since.” Al also said that 30 minutes after the street lights came one, which is the signal for Gannon to be home, he began texting all his friends, and no one had seen him.

There is no information about the friend’s house. Who it was or if the step-mom even knew which friend he was talking about.

Stauch’s mother, who lives in South Carolina, and father, who was away for military training at the time of his disappearance, share custody.

Right now he is being referred to a runaway by the Sheriff’s Dept. The sheriff’s office says they have information that leads them to believe Gannon ran away. They did not elaborate further.

He was thought to have been seen at the Kum & Go market on Mesa Ridge Parkway, but Gannon’s mom said it was not him on the surveillance video, according to KKTV 11.

Social Media posts and rumors

Gannon left his phone at home. There is social media posts that Gannon did a search on his phone for “can my parents track me if my phone is off.” The original poster did not get this information from the media and at this point it is rumor, although the poster says the rumor has been confirmed.

Neighbors were posting on social media that a vehicle for the Major Crimes Unit was at Gannon’s house. EPCSO spokesperson Sgt. Mynatt said it was because Gannon is so young and there is some risk of him becoming a victim. Also, she added they can focus more on this case and try to find Gannon before the weather worsens.”

Social media was wondering if there were cameras on the house that would have shown Gannon leaving and what direction he went.

Also, social media was talking about the hiking trip that Tecia, Gannon and his little sister went on at the Garden of the Gods on Sunday. Many were proposing that the photo was an older picture and not taken on that Sunday. On social media it was posted the man in the background in the blue coat came forward and said that he did see them on that Sunday. If this is not the case, then we also have to consider that the police spoke with Gannon’s sister and it would be an easy way to confirm whether they went hiking or not and whether he returned home with them or not.


About 200 volunteers showed up to search for Gannon, but nothing was found.

John Bradley Wilson took his drone out on Jan. 28, and searched for Gannon Stauch. He is asking everyone to take a look at the video so that you can see if you spot anything, he might have missed.

Gannon Stauch is 4’9″, 90 pounds and brown hair and brown eyes, and was wearing a blue jacket.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking for anyone with information regarding this case to call their Investigations Tip Line at 719-520-6666 or dial 911, if appropriate. 

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