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Brittany Shank: Mom believes daughter was abducted after seeing a video posted by police

March 20, 2020 – On Saturday, there will be a 2-hour aerial missing person search for Brittany Shank Wallace. 

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Brittany Shank, 23, has been missing since November 30, 2018, from Burr Oak, Michigan. She borrowed her boyfriend’s car and picked up a male friend and went to her grandmothers house to do some laundry.

Brittany and her friend left and later that evening around 8:30 p.m. the car went off the road, near Fawn River Road east of Halfway Road, east of Sturgis, resulting in a minor car accident. It is unknown if Brittany’s friend was with her. The police found the car, with minor damage, but not Brittany.

Brittany’s mom, Jessica did research on the case which led to the discovery that Brittany had gone door to door looking for help that night. The elderly homeowner said she showed up at his doorstep with no shoes and no jacket and blood on her arm. She seemed confused and tried to use a cell phone to call for help but the calls didn’t go through. The homeowner gave Brittany a coat and went into the house to use his landline to call for help, and when he returned Brittany was gone. Brittany went to another house where a teen was at home, but he did not answer the door.

Also, Jessica stated it looked as though the car had been moved and a struggle had occurred in the car and she wondered if Brittany was running away from something.

Also, Jessica told me that she has been getting tips.

“Honestly, I’ve been out here for 13 months–I’ve organized every single search and I’ve put myself smack dab right in the heart of it all,” said Jessica. “I’ve been out there at night talking to every single person I can.”

The tips Jessica received are disturbing. According to Jessica she received information that said that Brittany was “kept in a dog cage and raped and tortured for 15 days and then her body burnt and the remains were put in the swamp behind a house.”

Then a video appeared. Click on video above or this link to watch it. It shows a man at a Shipshewanna, Scott, Indiana chicken ranch stealing some boots on Dec. 15, and the video was posted on social media by the Lagrange County PD. The video was initially online asking for help to find the owner of this car as they stole from this farm. The camera catches the man walking back to his car and opens the door and you can hear a woman inside the car. She sounds like she is gasping for air and moaning in pain. You can hear the man saying, which sounds to me like, “Hey, hey, what are you doing? I’m not going to hurt you.”

Jessica believes by the sound of the voice that it is Brittany. She also had a photo of a man standing in front of a white car, that is believed to be the same man in the video. If you know who this man is below, please let Brittany’s mom know.

Update: Since the writing of this post, the police have done DNA on the truck. Jess said, “Down to LaGrange County Jail where that one man is on unrelated charges and the police do have his car, well, had his car and they also had his phone but they will not give me any DNA results whatsoever.” The latest information is the man has his car back and Brittany’s DNA was not found in the car.

Shank is described as around 5-foot-1 and 110 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes. She was with a man in his 20s who stands around 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-8 with short blonde hair and mutton chop sideburns.

Jessica has set up a petition for the Michigan State Police Dept. that reads in part: “Family, friends and the community at large are requesting that immediate action and effort be taken regarding the disappearance of Brittany Nichole Shank (Wallace).  Brittany has been missing since November 30th, 2018.  It is the opinion of all above stated parties that the efforts made to date to locate Brittany by both the Michigan State Police and the St.Joseph County Sheriff’s department have lacked in effort and therefore, have been substandard and unacceptable.

You can read more and help by signing the petition at this link.

Anyone with information on Shank’s whereabouts is asked to call the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Office at 269.467.9045 or dispatchers at 269.467.4195.

If you want to remain anonymous you can send any tips to me.

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