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Abbie Flynn missing since Super Bowl Sunday from Gloucester

Abbie Flynn, 59, went missing on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2, after 3 p.m. from Saint Louis Avenue in Gloucester in the Farrington Avenue area. What makes it even more unusual is that Abbie was planning on holding a party at her home that day. Abbie told her son on the phone she may go for a walk. Guests began arriving at her home around 6 p.m., but Abbie wasn’t there.

You might be interested in the case of Sandra Crispo from Hanson missing 2 hours away from Abbie . You can listen to the podcast here:

What makes the story unusual is that Abbie was planning on holding a party at her home that day. There was rising pizza dough on the counter and made cookies.

No cameras around the neighborhood caught her outside. So, there is no absolute confirmation that she actually went for a walk.

Abbie’s husband was in Houston and her children were away at school.

Abbie Flynn

According to the Good Morning Gloucester Podcast, the Gloucester Police Department did a search with canines around 8:30 that evening. They put up a command post near her home and the State Police used a helicopter with high end thermal flare optics to search for her, along with a fixed wing aircraft from the Coast Guard that had optics. They used a pattern to search the area. All in all there were a full scale, large search effort to find Abbie. This included going to neighbors home and asking to search their homes and cellars.

Several white vans were spotted in the neighborhood but all have been accounted for, except for one, but it is believed they know who it may have been but it has not been confirmed as yet.

The police chief stated there was no signs of a break in at Abbie’s home, although she could have left her doors unlocked.

Edward Neal put up a post after noticing there were several woman in this age group missing from the area: “In 2006, a Newburyport woman named Michelle Harrison who was in the process of moving to New Hampshire disappeared in March. She was a 55 year old special needs teacher who was reportedly excited about starting her new life in New Hampshire. Her transponder showed her entering New Hampshire at The Hampton tolls and then returning to Mass at 10:30 PM. She was not seen again until one month later, a diver in Rockport harbor found her car, with her in it off the end of the Granite Pier. I could find no further information on this tragic incident but cannot believe that a woman starting a new life with no connection to Rockport would randomly kill herself by driving off the Granite pier.”

In 2010, Rita Hubbard, a 43 year old woman who was living on Eastern Point Blvd in Gloucester disappeared. She was found in the water in the vicinity of the Beauport Museum. the official report was “no foul play suspected”. Hubbard was a victim of physical abuse in 2007. Read more here.

In 2016, Susan Nillson of Rockport 56 went missing in East Gloucester. It was reported that she took a cab from Rockport to East Gloucester to meet a man on a boat. Some of her belongings were found at the Marine Railways on Rocky Neck. Days later, her own sons came home from Colorado and found her body floating under the Americold building in East Gloucester. Again, no evidence of foul play.” Some personal items belonging to her had been found at the dock and in the water. Her cause of death is still pending.

Susan Nillson

Then there is Theresa Coen, 52, went missing on March 17, 2018 from her home on Penzance Rd. in Rockport. Her remains were found on February 2020 on Chatham Beach on the coast of Chatham Mass. On March 22, 2018, police stated, “Information obtained throughout the course of investigation has lead Rockport police to determine that it’s unlikely the individual will be found alive,” Rockport police spokesman John Guilfoil said. This usually indicates that the police believe that a person has committed suicide.

Theresa Cohen

“Now, Abby Flynn 59 disappears from her home on Farrington Ave in East Glouester while she was preparing to entertain guests at a Super Bowl party,” said Edward. “You can throw a rock from Farrington to Eastern Point Blvd where Rita Hubbard went in the water.”

Social media that was made aware of these cases is now believing there may be a connection and possible a serial killer.

The mayor has stated today that there is no connection. “There is no indication, zero at all, no, none that this is connected in any way to any other cases or that foul play was involved,” police Chief Ed Conley told the Times on Thursday.

So, we are looking at five cases from 2006, 2010, 2016, 2018 and 2020. An average of two years stretch of time between missing cases.

So I decided to look on the Doe Network. What I found was 7 cases and nothing out of Glochester. I looked in the NAMUS database and it had several for Essex County but there was no one older than 40. Then I did a general search on the computer, as not all missing cases are in any one database.

I found this: “Essex County prosecutors told the Herald remains often wash up in that area of Newbury because of currents. Authorities reported partial skeletal remains found along the Newbury shoreline on Jan. 20 and March 28, as well as remains found May 23 — the body of a person who reportedly died within the past two years.” There was no identification of the person.

Abbie Flynn is 59, with brown hair, approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing about 200 pounds. Her cell phone was located inside her house after she was reported missing. Since she was not seen before she went missing, no one knows for sure what she was wearing but it is believed to have been a Navy blue LL Bean puff jacket like in the photo above.

Abbie left her dog at home and and her cameras that she took often as she loved to take photos. Her cell phone was also found at home, but she has been known to do that in the past.

There was blood found outside on the trail where she may have walked but it proved to be left from an animal that a hawk had captured. A neighbor actually saw the incident and the blood was tested and it was an animals.

The police chief is asking for neighbors that reside near the High Popples and Farrington, down through eastern point, whom they haven’t talked with yet, “to review your video between 2:30 – 6:30 on Superbowl Sunday.”

Anyone with information about Flynn’s possible whereabouts is asked to call Gloucester Police at 978-283-1212.

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