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Man comes forward and says he is missing boy, Adam Herrman

A man from Wichita has came forward this week and said that he was missing Adam Herrman, who has been missing since 1999. On Sunday, the admin of the Butler County Kansas News page spoke with Stephen C. Smith who claimed he was Herrman, and used the name Adam Herrman on Twitter.

After the post, the admin was contacted by people that know Smith and now the admin admits having doubts to Smith’s claims.

The admin posted, in part:

Here’s how I learned about the Adam Herrman Twitter account. I saw someone using Adam Herrman’s name in a Twitter handle. I saw the user was looking for verification that Robert Albert was a sheriff’s detective. Annette Lawless, by the way, is a reporter at KAKE. I tweeted that Albert was a detective and then the Adam account owner asked us to DM our phone numbers. I did and it wasn’t until I had Stephen/Adam on the line that I realized he was asserting that he was Adam Herrman. I just thought he was some guy with info about the case. 

“I found some of his claims a little out there, particularly the age difference between he and Adam. He talked about being malnourished and not learning to read and write until he was older and being kept in special ed classrooms when he didn’t need to be. He also claimed his birth certificate had been falsified and he had been punished for questioning whether he was Adam. The one thing I knew for sure: My readers know everything about everybody who grew up around here. Before long, the reports came rolling in publicly and privately.  I now seriously doubt the man’s claims and I said so. Nevertheless, the sheriff’s office will have the final say. “

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office responded by stating it was all a hoax.

“I received a phone call from my detective who is in charge of the Adam Herrman case now, and asked me if I had seen what was on social media. And I told him, no, I really don’t follow social media,” Sheriff Kelly Herzet told KWCH news.

Herzet also stated to KAKE news that he knows the man who is impersonating Adam and he’s also knows the man’s family. In fact, Herzet said the man worked for the Butler County jail for a few months, a few years ago. “He’s 24-years-old and until he comes in and wants help or wants to talk, we’re kind of at a stand still with that. ”

Then earlier this evening, Smith posted a video saying that he talked with a dispatcher and asked to be put in police custody and speak to a lawyer. He said he would wait for them to show up.

As he was waiting he decided to do one last video where he says he has been contacted by people that wanted to help and he asked them to gather together peacefully at the court house, to support him. He wants people to give him a chance to get tested for his identity.

“I had to live by Steven Smith, but Adam is my name,” he said.

Adam Herrman Disappearance

Adam Herrman was 11-years-old when he disappeared in 1999 from his Towanda mobile park home.  Adam was adopted by Valerie and Doug Herrman, who didn’t report Adam missing, although they continued to collect the subsidy provided by the State.   In 2008, Adam’s adopted sister went to the authorities to tell them he was missing which began the investigation into his disappearance.  

A preliminary hearing was set for February 22 for the prosecution to make their case against the Herrman’s, who collected $52,800 from May 1999 to July 2005 by claiming Adam as a dependent.On June 21, Adam’s parents faced charges of felony theft from the collection of the adoption subsidy for Adam’s care after he went missing.  

The Herrman’s said they did not report Adam missing because they didn’t want to lose custody of their other children, although relatives claim that Valerie told them he had been returned to state custody.   Whether the Herrman’s will be charged with the disappearance of Adam, remains to be seen.   Prosecutor Jan Satterfield in 2009 said the Herrman’s are suspects, and the case is being treated as a potential murder case, but nothing has come from that accusation. Butler County Sheriff Kelly Herzet  said he wants to find Adam’s remains and convict who is responsible.   Adam disappearance remains an active missing person’s investigation.  

Doug Herrman died in 2016. Sheriff Herzet believes one person knows where Adam is.  “I believe Valerie Herrman has more to tell and she’s not talking at this point,” said Herzet.

Back in 2016 – the Facebook page was looking for childhood friends of Adam’s.

“Today I am looking for any school mates of Adam’s who may remember him. This is a bit of a daunting task due to the young age of his disappearance. We are looking for anyone who attended elementary school in Mulvane, Kansas and Derby, Kansas between 1991 and 1995 who may have been in Adam’s classes. Please pass along to everyone you know who grew up in those towns who might remember Adam. Thanks to everyone following this investigation.”

Facebook page

“We want to take the time to recognize this young man and the impact he has had on the lives of countless people, including his family, the devoted followers of his story and those of us here at the Butler County Sheriff’s Office,” write the sheriff’s office on the Facebook page, “Adam Joseph Herrman – Missing Since 1999”.

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