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The bizarre case of Evelyn Boswell; missing baby from Tennessee FOUND

The remains of Evelyn have been found on the property that belongs to Tom Boswell. Megan Boswell’s father, brother and grandmother all live on the property.

UPDATE 2/28/20 – TBI is searching at a location known as Boswell Mobile Home Park on Sugar Hollow Road and Buffalo Road, with a search warrant. Meghan and Evelyn were believed to have lived at the home at one time. TBI was seen removing an item from under one trailer and putting it in a brown paper bag. What that item is, is unknown and none of the media on scene have taken a guess. WLYT stated that the home is owned by Tommy Boswell who is the brother of Meghan.

Bag being carried to car

UPDATE Feb 27 – Derek Bishop, an agent with A-Hood Bonding, said he spoke with William McCloud and he said that the baby’s mother knows where the baby is. And it just seems like she’s trying to pawn it off on Angela. He also stated that he had seen Evelyn twice, and the last time was in November. McCloud also said Angela and himself did not know the car had been reported stolen. According to Bishop, “They didn’t know that the car was stolen, or the car hadn’t been paid for. That’s what he said, that the arrangement was that they were paying the car, and then all the sudden the car got reported stolen on the 20th.”

Original Story: Evelyn Boswell, 15 months-old has been missing since December 26, 2019, from Blountville, Tenn., but just recently the authorities were notified. Megan “Maggie” Boswell, Evenly’s mother is saying her mother, Angela Boswell is behind taking Evelyn. While authorities are stating Megan is telling conflicting stories.

An AMBER Alert for Evelyn was released on February 18, 2020.

Evelyn Bosswell (TBI)

Megan did an interview with WHJL on February 24, where she stated her mom had been babysitting Evelyn while she went to work and then avoided giving Evelyn back. Earlier, Megan said someone she trusted was watching Evelyn. We can only assume that she was talking about her mother before.

Last week the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office said they had received conflicting stories from Megan, but Megan said it was because she was trying to protect her mom.

“I told TBI where to find her in Mendota (Virginia). My mom took her to a campground in a silver camper and if they don’t go tonight, I’m going to go find her myself, because I’ve told them and they’re not really like taking it seriously and if they don’t go tonight, I will go myself and go get her…They’re not taking me seriously, TBI isn’t, because I’ve not fully told them I’ve been like ‘hey, like my mom camped out in Mendota, you know, to go check them out,’ but I’ve never been like, ‘hey,’ specifically, ‘hey, she’s like in a silver camper,’ because my mom did threaten me like you know if I told anybody – I’m not gonna get into that – but she did,” Boswell said.

Meghan Bosswell (Facebook)

Boswell said at first her mother told her Evelyn was safe. “Oh, she’s safe’ like, you know, that kinda thing, and then she started threatening me, which like I said, I’m not gonna get into everything she threatened me with, you know because I’m just not…”

Then Boswell said her mom took off and wouldn’t answer her phone. The last time she spoke with her mom was February 19.

Evelyn Bosswell (Facebook)

Boswell also told a story that after the AMBER Alert she asked her mom to take her to Evelyn in Mendota, she stated, “I was like okay well if you’re not gonna take me to her, pull over and I will have like somebody on Sullivan County’s end come get me to go up there and talk to them.” What stands out to me is she is saying “pull over,” meaning they were riding along in a car somewhere. I didn’t make any connection until information came out from the grandfather concerning a car. I’ll go into that in a minute.

First, let me tell you that, on February 24, Megan Boswell’s mother, Angela Boswell, 42, of Kingsport, Tennessee, and her boyfriend, William McCloud, both were arrested on fugitive warrants in Wilkes County, North Carolina. The TBI has been searching for the car which had been reported stolen and was tied to Megan Boswell who was involved in the car sale that allegedly devolved into a vehicle theft, according to USA Today. Authorities also wanted to speak with Angela Boswell about the whereabouts of Evelyn.

Angela Boswell

But, the Bristol Journal Herald did an interview with Maggie’s grandfather and he said that the car that Angela had was a gift to Angela from Hunter and Maggie (Meghan), and that Hunter Wood, Meghan’s current boyfriend was going to get the tags in a few days. He also stated that Angela was staying with him and he saw Meghan almost every day, but she never had Evelyn with her. You can’t help but wonder who reported the car stolen? Was it already a stolen car when Meghan and Hunter gave it to Angela, or was it reported stolen afterwards.

Side Note: Hunter was interviewed by the news and he stated that he stopped seeing Meghan back in December, but there is a photo going around social media showing them together at a party in Feb.

Then early Tuesday, Meghan announced she was going to take a polygraph test, but would not be able to because she is pregnant. She stated it goes against law enforcement policy. The Sheriff, when asked about this, stated that their office does not give polygraph tests. I also did research on whether you can or cannot give a polygraph test to a pregnant woman and Dave Bryant, who was a polygraph examiner for 20 years stated, “Pregnant women can be tested but not in the 3rd trimester when there is an active baby kicking around…it would cause the inconclusive rate to go way up…It would not cause an innocent person to fail or guilty to pass. However, most examiners will not test a pregnant woman due to liability.” So, with that we can ascertain that there is no medically reason that a pregnant woman could not take a polygraph test. (Update 2/28/20 – The induction report at the jail shows that Meghan is not pregnant.)

What does inconclusive on a polygraph test mean

Then yesterday, Meghan was arrested for false reports. Court papers have disclosed that Meghan told police that the baby was with the baby’s father, Ethan Perry and they were to meet last Wednesday at the Ingles store in Colonial Height to exchange custody. Other research shows that Meghan Boswell, has full custody of Evelyn and Perry, who is in the military in Louisiana, is on active duty in Louisiana. It was found he did not have Evelyn as Meghan stated. This is the reason that the police arrested Meghan yesterday, and was charged with false reports because she said that Evelyn was with Ethan.

UPDATE 2/26/20 – A pond was searched in Wilkes County North Carolina today and the search was called inconclusive by the authorities. The search area was near the home of McCloud who was arrested along with Evelyn’s grandmother, Angela Boswell. McCloud’s grandmother did an interview and told how her grandson showed up at her home with wet pants asking for money (see video below). Meghan Boswell, Evelyn’s mother was arrested today for giving false information.

Now it seems that people that once supported her have now left her side. One such person posted on social media (below).

Social media has stated that Boswell has many social media accounts and that she was linked to a cult.

The reporter specifically asks her about that and she says, “Gypsies are not a cult.”

Sullivan County Sheriff’s office stated that the Mendota campgrounds were checked and nothing was found there.

Evelyn Mae Boswell is 15 months old, described as 2 feet tall, weighing 28 pounds with blue eyes and blonde hair. She was last seen wearing a pink tracksuit, pink shoes, and a pink bow.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s office has stated there is $56,000 reward for information leading to Evelyn’s safe return.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Evelyn, please contact the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office at 423-279-7330 or 
TBI at 1-800-TBIFINDl (1-800-824-3463).

This is an ongoing story and I will do continued small updates on the blog and anything major I will do a live update on my YouTube Channel so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss that.

That’s it for now, thank you all for watching and I’ll see you soon.

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