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Two people go missing. What is going on at the Flying J?

Keeslyn Roberts, 20, who lives with her boyfriend in Chatsworth in Gordon County, Georgia has been missing since January 18, 2020. She was last seen at the Flying J gas station in Resaca, Georgia. Keeslyn’s white Toyota Corolla with her belongings inside was found at the truck stop by her family on January 20. Keeslyn’s dad, Eric Roberts, owner of a Dalton, Georgia-based Trucking Company, is asking for the public’s help to locate his daughter.


Gordon County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release stating that they had responded to a 911 call about a suspicious female, presumably Keeslyn, at the Flying J on January 18. Keeslyn had reportedly entered an employees-only kitchen area and entered into an altercation with an employee. She left before officers arrived. Keeslyn had dropped a back pack that had her ID, debit card, cash and phone charger. But it appeared she took her phone with her. Likely she had it in her hand or pocket.

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Before Keeslyn’s disappearance, on January 16, Caleb Nathaniel Smith, 21, was reported missing from the same Flying J. Sadly, his body was found in a wooded, marshy area near Sugar Valley on February 2. The Gordon County Sheriff’s Office said that there was no evidence that Keeslyn or Caleb knew each other, or that the two cases are connected, but maybe they didn’t know each other, but maybe they knew the same people.

During the investigation into Keeslyn’s disappearance, authorities learned that there is an outstanding warrant for Keeslyn’s arrest on file with the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office for the offense of Violation of Probation. Many on social media believe the sheriff’s office is no longer taking Keeslyn’s case seriously and have assumed she has taken off on purpose because of her previous charges.

One of the hinderances in this case and another recent case, is the lack of surveillance video at the Flying J. Eric Roberts told CrimeOnline that there is no cameras in the parking lot of the Flying J. “No lighting hardly at all, ” he said. There was some video take inside the Flying J, but nothing in the back parking lot where Keeslyn had parked her car. This is the same scenario for Caleb.


In fact, there is a lot of similarities between Keeslyn’s and Caleb’s missing missing cases. This is what Caleb’s mom said:

April ArringtonFebruary 27 at 9:41 PM

“I am a firm believer that God works in mysterious ways. Now with that being said, what are the odds or chances of two young people, Caleb & Keeslyn both blue eyes, brown and blonde hair, both 21 & 20, both come up missing from the exact same Flying J truck stop in Resaca, GA. within two days of each other, regardless of any warrant or court date. Both having their cars both backed in identically the exact same way. No, not pulled in, but both of each of their cars, backed in to very back side of parking lot with no camera footage of where they went or who they went with and their vehicles being left with most of there belongings.”

Just like in Keeslyn’s situation there were no cameras where Caleb or Keeslyn parked their cars. Keeslyn’s car was also found backed in same way as Caleb’s. (Notice in the pics below most of all the vehicles are backed in.) But, one camera surveillance video did capture Caleb talking with a man at the Flying J on Jan. 16. The man is still unidentified and if you know who it is, please come forward.

April also talked about how busy the Flying J and the lack of video surveillance:

“The time was around 2:30-2:45a.m in morning, then after he walks out the door,” said April. “We’re being told by Detectives they don’t know where he went to or who he went with because Flying J truck stop has no video camera footage. I know a lot of people were asking me about the video that shows they may have more cameras in their buildings, outside in their parking, but we’ve been to Flying J, there are no cameras for side parking lot. I’ve seen two cameras on top of building, looking like there pointed to back lot where truck drivers park, but being told those cameras don’t work either. There’s a ton of trucks that go in and out of Flying J’s all the time. We’re talking 50-70 or more parked all at one time on their lot, not to mention all the traffic that comes in and out of their parking lot areas. ”

“I know my son and I know he wouldn’t have ever willfully left his car with his keys or much less his cell phone like that,” said April. “He would have been worried someone would have bothered his car and his stuff. My son wouldn’t have gone out in the middle of the woods 5 miles away from the Flying J truck stop, where his car was found left abandoned and just went walking in a marshy, muddy area that he’s never been to or familiar with and taken all of his clothes off in the cold.” (see map above) To this date, Caleb’s clothes have still not been found.

April also said, “He doesn’t have any friends in Sugar Valley. He does not know anyone in Sugar Valley.”

“For Caleb, it was his coat,” April continued. “As cold as it was, the early morning of his disappearance. His car keys left, just left behind in the floor board of the drivers side of his car. His cell phone battery taken out of his phone and locked in his dash.

“Then, you got this mysterious fire that was magically started, as rainy as it had been,” said April. “Well, who started the fire? Where are my son’s clothes?”

“I am not believing that this is a coincidence, ” said April.

What is also bazaar is that the authorities stated that Caleb walked 5 miles, on a main highway during the day, nude, in the cold to the wooded area. His clothes were never found. Authorities deemed no foul play and said the autopsy came back as an overdose.

Keeslyn’s father, Eric is also having a tough time believing that Keeslyn disappeared was on her own.

Also, Eric Roberts said there had been rumor that his daughter was at her boyfriend’s house, but he said that individual told him he had not seen Keeslyn for several days prior to her disappearance.

Social media and community have come forward to help and have gathered to do searches for Keeslyn.

Eric has a GoFundMe account set up for a reward for his daughter.

Keeslyn is described as 5’6″, 125 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a sea turtle tattoo on her right arm and gauged ear piercings.

Anyone who has information on Keeslyn is asked to call the Murray County, Detective Eric White at 706-695-4592, the Gordon County Sheriff’s Department at 706-629-1244, or 911.

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