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Month: April 2020

Peggy Beck: Authorities announce who did it, but need help locating him

The authorities are asking for help to track down a man who they say is responsible for the death of Margaret “Peggy” Beck from Colorado in 1963. Peggy who was from Edgewater, was 16-years-old and a counselor at the Flying G Ranch Girl Scouts camp in the Pike National Forest in 1963. She was spending […]

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Cieha Taylor missing from Florida

Ceiha [Kigh-ya] Taylor has been missing from Dade City, Florida since Thursday, Feb 6, 2020. She was last seen dropping off her boyfriend in Plant City between 4-5 p.m. Her 2000 black Toyota Solars was found a mile away from her boyfriend’s house on the same day near the 900 block of E Trapnel Road. […]

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Kimberly Mattingly missing from Illinois FOUND

UPDATE: KIMBERLY Mattingly was found deceased. An initial examination showed Mattingly suffered several gunshot wounds in the head, hip and wrist. An autopsy was scheduled on May 1. Two men have been arrested for her murder. Kimberly Mattingly, 29, is missing from Illinois. According to her mom, Kimberly was last talked to on Sunday, April […]

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Tiger King: New INFO in missing Don Lewis case

I have done more research on the disappearance of Don Lewis. In this video below we are going to go over the life of Don Lewis up to the day of his disappearance, along with found emails and documents. Above is the video which has lots more details and emails and documents. Jack Donald (Don) […]

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Kenny Veach disappears after discovering strange “M” cave near Area 51

You can hear the excitement of Kenny Veach as he describes the cave and desert landscape that he loved so much. Shortly, after his latest YouTube video, Kenny goes missing. Kenny Veach, 47, has been missing since Nov. 10, 2014 from the Mohave Desert in Nevada, near Nellis Air Force base, known for Area 51. […]

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Father and son go missing while at Downriver Marina in Michigann FOUND

April 16, 2020 – The body of Justin Oaks has been found, A family member discovered the body of Jaxon Oaks in the Huron River on April 26. Original Story: Justin Oaks, 29, and his 6-year-old son Jaxson, left their home about 9:48 a.m. on Sunday, March 29 and launched their boat from the Downriver […]

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