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Cieha Taylor missing from Florida

Ceiha [Kigh-ya] Taylor has been missing from Dade City, Florida since Thursday, Feb 6, 2020. She was last seen dropping off her boyfriend in Plant City between 4-5 p.m.

Her 2000 black Toyota Solars was found a mile away from her boyfriend’s house on the same day near the 900 block of E Trapnel Road. It was still running and sitting on the train tracks.

You can’t help but wonder why. I thought that maybe I was stuck on the tracks and was to able to moved, so Ceiha got out of the car. But, a police officer found the car and was able to drive it off the tracks, so that would mean to me that it was not stuck. I also wondering if maybe Ceiha did not put the car there, but maybe someone else did and was hoping that a train would come and crash into it, destroying it for some reason, maybe to destroy any evidence. .

The officer locked up the car with the keys and her belongings inside, but they did not run the tags, so Ceiha’s mom, Canitha was not notified the car was found abandoned. It was a family friend who found the car on the side of the road.

Ceiha’s was reported missing on Feb. 9.

A search for Cieha in the area where her car was found was done by the police on February 10, 11 and passed out flyers in the neighborhood on the Feb. 12. The family did a search on Feb 15.

On February 26, Cieha’s shoes were found near Foxy Farm.

Canitha posted: “Once the shoes were found we do know HCSO went back out to search the area where the shoes were found. A civilian took a picture and called HCSO to report the shoes were found. The shoes were confirmed to be Cieha’s.”

She added: “The number one question asked: Has the boyfriend been questioned? YES, as of now we do not know what came of that. We have not been provided any information from the detectives interview. We do not have contact with the boyfriend. That relationship was never approved of. What we do know is if he loved her like he says he does or still loves her he would be assisting in helping to find her. As of now he has not.”

At this writing, the police have not asked for any help in searching for Cieha.

Cieha is 5’6” and weighs around 170lbs. She has several tattoos: an infinity symbol on her upper chest, a large rose and stem on her inner forearm, a ladybug on her ankle, double X’s with a rose on the back of her shoulder, and a faced sun on her upper outer thigh.

Please help us find her. This is a situation that no family is prepared to go through, or ever expects to happen. If you, or anyone you know, has information pertaining to Cieha, please call the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department at 813 247 8200. 

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