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Engaged couple disappear from North Carolina FOUND

UPDATE: 5/6/20 – A car was found with two bodies inside. Wilmington Police said they found the vehicle on Monday just after 3pm in the woods off the intersection of Independence Blvd and River Road but they don’t know yet if the bodies inside belong to the couple.

‘911 records show that on April 15, police, fire and EMS were dispatched to this area just before midnight. A caller advised that they saw a car in their rearview mirror heading west on Independence Boulevard [towards River Road], going at a high rate of speed, possibly hitting a wall and then going into the wooded area,’ police said Tuesday according to the Port City Daily.  When first responders arrived they met with the caller and searched the area with flashlights. However, they were unable to find any sign of a collision and no one with injuries,’ according to police. 

Original Post: Stephanie Mayorga, 27, and Paige Escalera, 25, have been missing from Wilmington, North Carolina since April 15, 2020.

Stephanie and Paige were living with a roommate at an apartment on Kerr Crossing on the corner of Kerr and Randall, just before they went missing. They were last seen at K&D mini mart, about 5 minutes after they left the apartment.

According to Paige’s sister, Stevie Jenkins, the roommate waited to report them missing until three days after, because she thought there was a waiting period to report a missing person.

“She thought maybe they took a day trip somewhere and just didn’t mention it, and not a big deal. The second day she came home, and they still weren’t there,” Jenkins said. “So she went to go get the dog’s leash out of their room to let their dog out, and she realized Paige had left her phone on the bed.” Jenkins said the roommate charged the phone, saw the missed calls, and knew it was time to call law enforcement, but Jenkins said police did not notify family for almost two weeks.

“All the way up until the 27th, the police department had never reached out to anyone,” said Jenkins. “No work has been done to find them until yesterday when the roommate called multiple times for updates with no help from the department,” Jenkins continued. “She doesn’t know either of them well (not even last names or fb, etc) but investigated enough to find Stephanie’s last name and parents info. From there we’ve been in contact with immediate friends and family to get as much info as possible. We are filing another missing reports as well on both girls. If anyone has any info.. no matter what it is.. PLEASE reach out.”

The police are calling the circumstances “suspicious.” They left their property behind and their dog.

Stephanie and Paige became engaged on March 1. On Facebook, Paige share a photo of their hands holding during a car ride with the caption, “Stephanie Nicole holding your hand in the car is my favorite thing to do.”

Stephanie over the last few months has been selling watches on Facebook and it has been brought up that maybe that’s where they were going that night, to meet a buyer and something happened.

Stephanie has long dark hair, dark brown eyes, and 5’7. Paige has light brown hair, a beauty mark on the side of her face, tattoos on both arms and is 5’4″ tall.

The police state there is a video showing them leaving their home around 10 p.m. in the clothes they were wearing when last seen.

They got into a gray 2013 Dodge Dart with South Carolina plates MVS-902.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Wilmington Police Department at (910)-343-3609 or use for anonymous methods.

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