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HUSBAND ARRESTED Suzanne Morphew missing from Colorado, Witness comes forward

This story is running in reverse chronological order

UPDATE 5/5/21 – Barry Morphew has been arrested and charged with murder, tampering with physical evidence and attempting to influence a public servant, reports KKTV. He was arrested near his home in the Poncha Springs area, said Sheriff John Spezze at a news conference in Salida.

“I can confirm that Mr. Morphew has been arrested and I recommend you reach out to Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office for details,” Courtney Bernal, a spokesperson for the Denver FBI office told KKTV.

“My first reaction was relief,” the Suzannes sister, Melinda Moorman, told Fox News. “And grateful. I’m just so grateful.”

UPDATE 3/8/21 – The Morphew family home was put on the market in October and was sold Wednesday for $1,625,000. The police have searched the home previously and the Judge sealed two the documents.  The police say they have no suspects in this case.

UPDATE Sept. 3, 2020 –  The Daily Mail did an exclusive interview with Jeff Puckett, 49, a friend of Barry Morphew, the husband of Suzanne Morphew.  He told them that Barry had asked him to meet him at a Holiday Inn in Denver to do some urgent landscaping work. He got there on May 10, and Barry was not there, as he left for a family emergency.  Puckett found the room had a strong chlorine smell and that there were towels laying in the bathroom and mail.

The Daily Mail said the manager at the motel said they do not use chlorine to clean rooms.

Puckett also said the mail had some insurance company documents, that he gave to the FBI.

Puckett left the hotel and went to Salida on Tuesday after never hearing from Barry since then.  Puckett told the Daily Mail that he thought the whole incident might be an alibi.

Andy Moorman, 58, stated that Barry has refused to take a polygraph test and doesn’t believe he is cooperating with the police.

Barry has said he feels that Suzanne may have been attacked by an animal or it was an abduction.

UPDATE May 29, 2020 – The search at the property located in Salida has been concluded.  The authorities stated that nothing was found that was a connection to missing Suzanne’s case. The property owner confirmed to CBS4’s Rick Sallinger that Suzanne’s husband, Barry was hired to lay dirt and later concrete was poured over it by a crew for a foundation.  Although social media theorized that Suzanne’s husband put Suzanne’s body there while he was laying dirt, there was no announcement from authorities that they were actually looking for a body.  A large rectangle was cut out of the concrete foundation by authorities and afterwards authorities sifted dirt from the hole for several days before announcing the search was over.

On May 26, the Morphew home was released back to the family.

UPDATE May 22, 2020 -The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and FBI are searching a property on the east side of Salida, according to a Friday news release. Evidently, the search began because of information developed.

“The property owner is fully cooperative with law enforcement and is not connected with the disappearance of Ms. Morphew,” investigators said in the statement.

A few days ago, a personal item of Suzanne’s was found.  The police have not stated what that item was or where exactly it was found, but investigators did search an area near County Road 225 and Highway 50.

Tuesday, contrary to what social media was saying,  investigators said they were not searching Morphew’s home, but have put a hold on it due to the investigation.

Original Story:  Suzanne Morphew, 49,  from Maysville, Colorado went for a bike ride on Mother’s Day and never returned.  The Chaffee County Communications Center received a report of a missing female in the area on County Road 225 and West Highway 50 had reportedly gone for a bike ride in the area and failed to return home.

Suzanne was a teacher in Indiana and moved to Colorado with her husband to a house near where she was reported to last be.  On the day that Suzanne went for her bike ride, her older children were not home and her husband was away on business.

Suzanne’s nephew, Trevor, has spoken to the media and he told CBS Denver that Suzanne’s bicycle she was riding had been found.  He also stated it was not an animal attack AND to ask the Sheriff about the condition on the bike.

I reached out to Trevor to ask him what he meant by that and haven’t heard back from him.  So, now we know the bike was found, but no mention of where it was found, although social media has stated it was at the entrance of the trailhead.  The trailhead is a popular place for people to ride bikes and it is possible that someone else was also riding their bike in that area and saw her.

But, I am still wondering about the bike.  Did Trevor mean that the bike was damaged, like it would be if someone had hit Suzanne while she was riding the bike.  If so, is it possible that Suzanne was a victim of a hit and run?  But, if so, where is she?  If she was a victim of a hit and run, you would think she would have been found near her bike.

Then is impossible someone could have taken her and left her bike behind?  Also, is it possible that someone hit her on purpose, live Brandon Lavergne did with Micky Shunick of Louisiana?  Brandon saw Micky riding home on her bicycle in 2012, and he purposely ran into her on her bicycle and then put her bike in the back of his truck and threw her in the cab of the truck.  Has someone done the same to Suzanne?

Trevor stated that the searches have included going up and down the hills, so they must think there is a possibility that she or someone else took her away from the scene.

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office stated that Sheriff personnel called members of Chaffee County Search and Rescue South and North and a search began immediately. The Department of Corrections was contacted and a request was made for tracking dogs to assist. They responded and joined the search. The search continued into the early morning hours with no results. The search resumed in the early morning hours of May 11 with Search and Rescue. They once again scoured the area. Members were then called from the Chaffee County Tac Team along with search parties from the Department of Corrections and the area was once again scoured. In all over 100 personnel were used during the search, however by late afternoon on May 11 Ms. Morphew had not been found.

There is a Facebook page called Find Suzanne Morphew.

There is a $200,000 reward.

This will be an ongoing investigation into this matter and the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office asks that any person or persons who may have information please call the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office at 719-539-2596 or Chaffee County Crime Stoppers at 719-539-2599. *****Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze 719-207-3199*****

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