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Madison Bell last seen in Greenfield, Ohio – car found abandoned FOUND

Madison Bell has been located. She met with authorities and told them she left home on her own free will. She asked that her location not be divulged.

UPDATE: The police released a photo of the car. I compared it with a 2016 Nissan Sentra and it looks to be a match. Please go to this link to learn more.

Original Story: Madison Bell, 18, is missing from Greenfield, Ohio. Madison told her mom that she was going to a tanning appointment at the Country Corner Market and left her home around 10 a.m. on May 17, 2020.

When she didn’t return, Madison’s mom, Melissa tracked her daughter’s cell phone and it pinged back and forth between the tanning salon and a church near the salon. She became increasingly worried as the hours past. Melissa and Madison’s boyfriend decided to go look for her and found her car parked at the Good Shepherd church on 12920 OH-28, which is catty corner from the Country Corner Market. The car had the keys in the ignition and Madison’s phone and other personal items were found in the car. Also, Madison’s boyfriend stated her phone was found in the area underneath the radio, which he had never seen Maddie ever put her phone there in the past,.

Corner Market (blue) Church (red)

According to authorities, the parking lot where her car was found is being considered a crime scene. Link

The Highland County Sheriff’s Office is requesting help searching for Madison Bell.

According to social media posts, there is a BOLO out for a white car with California plates, and a family member posted they are looking for a tall skinny white male with long blonde hair wearing jeans and a polo shirt. There has been no information from the police that they are looking for this person, or that there is a BOLO, but did say, they had received a report about a white car with California plates. “Sheriff Barrera confirmed spotting the car on security video, but authorities were not able to make out whether or not there were occupants inside.”

Melissa stated that she saw the photo and she was not able to see who was in the car.

At this time the Sheriff has not released the photo.

Maddie’s mother, Melissa She has also posted on Facebook:

The California plates were seen by witnesses and someone spotted a white Nissan with California plates and took a picture and it was circulated around social media. That car was checked and it was not the car.

The witnesses are the ones that said the plate was from California as no video was able to capture the make of the car, nor the license plate.

Maddie’s car was taken by the police so they could go over it for any clues. Melissa was not able to get into Maddie’s phone because she couldn’t remember the password and with her attempts she disabled the phone. She turned the phone over to the police, so they could try to access it, and later she was able to remember the password and gave it to the police.

Melissa also found out that the camera’s at the church were dummy cameras and did not work, so they are of no help.

The car was last seen turning out of the church and turned left and went on Route 28.

If you have seen her or have any information on her whereabouts, you’re asked to contact Greenfield police at 937-987-4466.

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