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Marina Bischoff missing from Kansas City

Marina Bischoff, 39, has been missing from Missouri since she was arrested on the evening of May 27. Police were called to an accident and Marina had left the scene. She did return and the police arrested her for leaving the scene and for DUI. She admitted to the police she had been drinking. That is how the media is reporting it, but her sister is saying there is much more to this, and in fact Marina was not in a car accident. More about this below.

Police took her to the detention at Shoal Creek Patrol Division at 6801 NE Pleasant Valley Road, where she was released on a signature bond the following morning.

Marina was seen waking east away primo the station on Crystal and Corrington Avenues. But she returned to Pleasant Valley road and was seen walking toward I-435.

Police station and Pleasant ValleyRoad. On the right is the freeway, that Marina was walking towards. Since she has never been in that area, she may not have know that the freeway was there.
The police stated she was heading towards Corrington and Crystal Avenues which is a long walk from the police station. They did add she was seen again later on Pleasant Valley Road walking towards the freeway. This is an indication to me that she was lost.

There has been a search for her but she had not been located.  

This case reminds me a lot of the Mitrice Richardson case. Mitrice was arrested when employees at a restaurant called because she was acting “bazaar” and had no money to pay her bill. She was taken to jail and then in the middle of the night let go. She was found 3 months later, deceased I’m Dark Canyon about 3 miles from the police station.

Marina’s sister has posted on social media and this is what she is saying about the situation. She explain that there was no accident but that Marina had driven onto a family’s front lawn. Also, Marina’s bag has gone missing. Marina was not carrying it when she entered or left the police station, per the police and the bag was taken from the car, although it is not clear who took it.

Police said Bischoff lives near 152 Highway and Indiana and she is a social worker for Children’s Mercy Hospital.

“Marina Bischoff is a social worker at Children’s Mercy. Today we learned from Kansas City, Missouri police that Marina is missing and that they are investigating. All of us at Children’s Mercy are hoping for her safe return,” Children’s Mercy said in a statement.

Anyone who has seen Bischoff is asked to call 911 or KCPD’s Missing Persons Section at 816-234-5136.

NOTE: There was a sighting in Olathe and it was checked via video surveillance and it was not Marina.

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