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Remains found belong to Ryan Zimmerman, police ask for help

Ryan Zimmerman, 21, has been missing since Nov. 2015 and the police have announced that his remains have been found.

In Jan 2016, a woman found some bones in the Grand Lake St. Marys State Park in Ohio. The authorities searched the area and found more remains.

During their investigation into the identity of the remains, the police did forensics on the bones and stated the bones had been sawed, specifically the arms and legs were cut off at the joints and the head was sawed off. Because of this the police were not able to determine the identity, according to WANE news.

In May 2017, the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department contracted IsoForensics. They were able to compare regional dirt samples across the country to find areas where the victim could have lived the last 10 years of his life, which led them to the Corbin, Kentucky area. They also determined the remains had been in the area for around two to three months before they were found.

Earlier this year, Columbus police reached out to the parents of persons missing during the 2015 time frame to request their DNA. Ryan’s parents were included as they had filed a missing report for Ryan after they received a certified letter in 2015, stating their car that Ryan had been driving, had been impounded. They had last heard from Ryan in September 2015, according to WFGT news. Authorities found there was a match with the DNA from the skeletal remains to Ryan’s parents. Ryan was from Corbin but had moved in August 2015 to Columbus to meet friends he met on the internet.

The police are now looking for who murdered, dismembered and disposed of Ryan’s body in the Ohio park.

“We believe this case is solvable if we can get the public and media’s help so we can bring closure to the parents,” said Sheriff Grey.

The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office is looking for anyone who may have seen Ryan in Mercer County or Columbus. If anyone has information or remembers seeing Ryan, you’re asked to contact the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau at 419-586-1450 or by calling the tip line at 567-890-8477 (567-890-TIPS).

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