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Erika Ashley Lloyd missing from Walnut Creek, car found in Joshua Tree National Park

UPDATE: A man goes missing from Twenty-Nine Palms and a search leads to two sets of remains.

Erika Ashley Lloyd, 37, is missing from Walnut Creek, Calif.  She was last seen on June 4, 2020, and a missing report was filed on June 17, but her car was found abandoned on June 16, near highway 62 in the Twenty-nine Palms area.  The car had been towed for blocking the roadway.

Erika’s sister in law told me, “We do know it [car] was vandalized or appeared to be vandalized at Jumbo Rocks. Car left Tuesday afternoon and appears to have gotten stuck in the sand and broke down. Probably about an hour or so timeframe from that happening to it being called in – they have been searching for a week now – cell has been turned off since that day.”

Erika’s car, 2006 black Honda Accord, was last seen driving past Lucky Park at 2:45 PM heading North on Utah Trail.

Erika’s car sitting at the tow yard after being towed from Shelton Rd and Highway 62.

The family stated Erika was traveling to Joshua tree National Park to camp. It is not known if she was by herself or not.   Her camping gear was found at a campsite in Jumbo Rocks Campground. 

A search has been done of the area, but Erika has not been located.  

Erika is 5’3” with brown hair, blue eyes and slender.

If you have any information on her whereabouts, please dcxcll the Morongo Basic Aheriffs AStation at 760-366-4175.

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