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Dawn Manson goes missing while driving FOUND

Dawn was found safe.

Dawn Manson, 21, is missing and was last known to be in San Francisco on July 3. Dawn who is transgender, told her mom that “she was depressed and was having trouble with a male friend/partner, and she couldn’t take it anymore and she loved me.”

Dawn was talking with her mom every day until July 3. Dawn’s mother stated that when she last spoke to her July 3rd, Dawn stated that she’d park her car near Washington Apartments near Hyde & Jackson. “She told her mom she doesn’t like parking on the street, she prefers to park in parking lots so her parents are asking if anyone can search parking lots”.

It was thought that Dawn traveled to West Mifflin, Penn., because a phone record put her in the area. Her mom also traveled to West Mifflin to search for Dawn, but today the West Mifflin police determined Dawn was not in the area.

Without much more to go on, it will be up to the public to help, and one way is to keep an eye out for Dawn’s car, a red Kia Rio with Florida plates.

Police say Manson drives a Red Kia Rio with Florida license plate NXQF18.

Dawn Manson Height: 5’8 Weight: 117-120lbs
Black hair, brown eyes, hair is normally in braids. 

Janelle Luster @ 702.490.2388 Director of Community Engagement 


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