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Who is Justo Smoker and where is missing Amish teen?

This is an ongoing story. I have added updates at the top of the story.

I have done another post about the hearing that you can read by going here. If you are looking about the Craigslist ad, go here.

UPDATE 7/18/20 – I have been going over the area of the train tracks by Smokers house and located a video camera at Leaman Place Junction.

Video from Leaman Station. The train passing can’t been seen from this video view.

The clothes were reportedly found in a “wooded area” at 3104 Harvest Drive, in Ronks, Pennsylvania.

Lt. Matthew Hess of the East Lampeter Township Police tells PEOPLE that Stoltzfoos’ bra and stockings were found in the woods in Ronks, Pennsylvania, nothin about any other clothing. The items had been buried and the spot was covered with two logs, left in the shape of a V. A “shorn” zip tie was also found nearby.

A closer look at that area shows there is railroad tracks behind the resident at that location. As stated below, it was pointed out to me that the railroad track at Smoker’s house goes directly to where the clothes were found.

Where clothes were found. Railroad tracks behind house.

Usually at train stations there are train cars parked around and I saw a couple there from Google maps, but that was it. Because of where the clothes were found and that Smoker lived with the train tracks behind him, I can’t help but wonder if more clues can be found walking the tracks and looking at Leaman Station, and the empty train cars and wooded area near there. Is it possible that Smoker had an infactuation with trains?

Smoker’s ex residence and Leaman train station

UPDATE 7/16/20 – I was contacted by a person that sent me information about a fire that was at Justo’s apartment complex on July 4. This is what I was sent: “Just before Justo was arrested, his girlfriends car burnt at Justo’s residence in Paradise. From what he told me, the vehicle, possible a mini van was totally burnt.”

On the Paradise Leaman Place Fire Company website it reads:

“7/04/2020 19:31 BUILDING-APARTMENT-2A 3250 LINCOLN HIGHWAY EAST PARADISE TOWNSHIP-Engine 47-2, Rescue 47 & Squad 47-1. Deputy 47 Arrived With A Working Vehicle Fire Against An Apartment Building Establishing Command 47 Requested 2nd Alarm. Engine 47-2 (Lt.47-1) W/6 Arrived Putting Hand Lines In Service Extinguishing The Vehicle Fire. Rescue 47 (Lt.47-3) W/6 Arrived With Crew Making Access Into The Apartment Building Checking For Extension. Squad 47-1 Responded W/4.  The Units Cleared The Scene @ 21:05.”

Paradise Leaman Place Fire Company photo
Paradise Leaman Place Fire Company photo

I did not realize the Justo had a girlfriend, but I am wondering where the girlfriend is now. Has she been accounted for? I can’t help but wonder, was the van used during the abduction and that is why it was found burned. Or is it a random fire at the home of a man that has been arrested for kidnapping?

Since this writing above, a tip said the girlfriend has been accounted for. Also, a person on social media is saying that they are the friend of the girlfriend and she was not around Justo when this happened and that she does not drive a car. If this person is who they say they are and knows this, then that would mean the car is not the girlfriend’s. But, I was told by a source that a firefighter actually talked with Justo about the car being on fire. But, again, no confirmation that he has ties to the car.

Then on the same day, another fire happened here:

“7/04/2020 22:49 BUILDING-OUTBUILDING-1A 336 OSCEOLA MILL ROAD PARADISE TOWNSHIP-Engine 47-2 & Rescue 47 Assist Station 45. Engine 47-2 (Lt. 47-1) W/7 Responded And Was Recalled While Responding @ 22:56.”

Paradise Leaman Place Fire Company photo

In this fire it looks as though something is burning in the back of a white truck.

I looked at a map and found the two locations were 5 miles from one another. There is nothing that states the reason for either fire. One happened at 7:30 p.m. and the other over 3 hours later at 10:49 p.m. I can’t help but wonder if there is a connection there. But, it could be nothing more than a cigarette tossed into a back of a truck that caught on some paper.

Google Maps

We know the fires happened, but I have no confirmation that the car belongs to his girlfriend. Although the van was at the place where Justo lived, it was not parked in his parking spot at apartment 7.

Original Post: It was a big surprise for many, when the breaking news came out on Saturday that a man had been arrested for the kidnapping of Justo Smoker, the day before. There were many details that were released by Lancaster Online, but many more questions, and the biggest one, was where is Linda Stoltzfoos, the missing Amish teen that no one has seen since that eventful day she was last seen at the church in her Bird in Hand community.

Below video will be up and processed at 4:00 Central Time.

The affidavit states the following:

According to the media, Justo was arrested on Friday and the authorities were asking for the public to contact them if they remember seeing Justo’s red Kia Rio on June 21, the same day Linda was last seen.

Also, surprisingly, the FBI stated they had video of Smoker with Linda in his car, that they had enhanced and also clothing they believe belongs to Linda. The way the statement reads it appears they had video for a while, although I was not sure how long we are talking about; a few days or a few weeks, until the man Scott Boshawn, who owned the cameras that caught the crime told Local 21 CBS new that the FBI had the video for 3 weeks.

See Video above

Interestingly, Scott talks about a man that social media was suspicious off. He stated that the authorities were also suspicious of him, as he was spending time with Linda’s family, before she went missing.

See video above

There are also questions about why Linda got in the car. My thought is that an airgun was likely used. They look so much like the real thing she likely did not know the difference. Justo used a “BB gun” when he committed burglaries in the past.

July 10 is when the police slowed down the video and saw the abduction. (More on this from the affidavit in a minute)

Pennsylvania State Police said the clothing was found in a wooded area they searched in Ronks on Friday night. (More details about this in second paragraph above.) The affidavit states the following: (See Map)

White flag is Smokers address, Harvest Dr. is where clothing was found, Pennsylvania is Smokers employer and Beechdale is where Linda and Kia were seen

Several members of the Amish community did tell authorities they did see a red Kia in the area and a Amish woman was sitting in the front seat. The authorities were also able to obtain video of the car, and though not stated, likely the license plate that led them to the owner of the car, Justo Smoker.

Cell phone records showed that Smoker was in that general area on June 21 between 2:30 and 3:35 p.m., and he also told authorities he was there.

So, who is Justo Roberto Smoker?

Smoker is the adopted son of Vernon and Deb Smoker of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He was adopted at age 7 when he was found living on the streets. He went on to become a high school wrestling star that was on the Lancaster-Lebanon All-Star Team in 2003. His grade-point average was 3.0 at Pequea Valley High School. He has a younger brother named Victor and in 2007, they both were arrested for burglary after they robbed business from August 8, 2006 – August 13, 2006, where they brandished a BB gun. He was sentenced 12 ½ to 30 years, but was let out because of Covid. He also was charged with burglary for an incident in 2005.

An affidavit stated that Smoker lives at 3250 Lincoln Highway, Paradise.

Justo worked at Dutchland, Inc. in Gap, PA.

Police stated that multiple witnesses reported to police seeing an Amish female in a car matching the description of Smoker’s red Kia Rio.

Surveillance video captured the abduction, police said. FBI technicians needed to enhance the video which shows the abduction on Beechdale Road because of the cameras that a neighbor named Scott put up. 

Authorities have asked that if you may have seen Smoker or his red Kia Rio to contact police at 717-291-4676. His sedan has a distinctive spoiler and an “LCM” sticker on the trunk.

Linda Stoltzfoos has not been located at this writing and the search continues.

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