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Where is the mother of this child? ARREST

UPDATE 5/13/21 – Shannon Ryan has been charged with second-degree murder.

UPDATE: 4/22/21 – Court Records show that federal kidnapping charges against Shannon Ryan, 39, were dropped. Broward County jail records showed Ryan now faces a state charge of child neglect without great bodily harm.

UPDATE 8/17/20 – According to a Criminal Complaint, Shannon has been charged with one count of Kidnapping.

A further look at the complaint fills in a lot of the blanks that we have had with missing Leila Cavett’s story.

In Ryan’s YouTube video he stated that Leila was talking to several men in a car at the RaceTrac gas station and eventually got in a dark car with them and left. The complaint states that the authorities did to see Ryan’s car at the pumps or did it show Leila leaving in a dark sedan.

The complaint also stated that a review of the cell phone records showed that Ryan’s phone “utilizing a tower” in the area where Kayden was found abandoned.

It also states that Ryan had been using a debit car belonging to CL, which I believe belongs to Christina Larson. It also showed purchases of trash bags, carpet order eliminator and duct tape. Ryan explained in his YouTube video that it was used to fix a broken window on Leila’s truck. But authorities noted that in the surveillance video at the gas station that the windows were not broken. But, note that when Ryan’s

Also the complaint states that a friend of Ryan’s said he tried to sell him a truck for $1,000. And during a search of Ryan’s Lexus, a bleach cleaner and trash bags and a white powdery substance was found.

Interviews with employees at the RaceTac gas station revealed they saw Ryan using the dumpster and children’s toys and women;s clothing was found inside the dumpster on July 26. A floral pair of pants was seen and appear to match a pair that Leila as earring.

It also appears that Google searches on Ryan’s phone were, “what day does commercial garbage pickup for Hollywood, Florida” and “Does bleach and alcohol make chloroform.”

UPDATE 8/16/20 – A man named Shannon Ryan who came forward on social media and said he knew and as with Leila before she disappeared has been arrested for lying to a Federal agent.

In a very long video that he posted on YouTube, Ryan told the story of how he met up with Leila on July 25 at a Walmart parking lot.

He said on the video that Leila and he had talked about him buying Leila’s truck from her for $3,000 and he thought that was why she came to Florida.

Ryan said he paid Cavett $3,000 for the truck, and then she got into his car and they went to the RaceTrac gas station. He also stated he had told the police this story.

“She got in the car with me — boom — and we pulled off, just like I told the police department,” Ryan said.

They went to the beach and afterwards went back to the gas station. When they got there, Leila started talking to some men in a car that Ryan believed he had also saw at the beach.

“Pulled up to the gas station — boom — when I pulled up to the gas station, it’s some guys in a car that she talking to,” Ryan said. “These guys look familiar because they like some [expletive] she was talking to at the beach, and she got no limits [expletive]. She’s a friend of mine, and she don’t care nothing about your boundaries. She would tear your boundary down and start a conversation with you, and you’re going to talk to her. Leila got her and her son and got in the car with those guys. When she get in the car with these guys, it gotta be on camera.”

“Why is it you have a missing woman, and the last person that’s seen her, which is me, who talked to the police, you ain’t heard nothing about me,” Ryan said. “I want to talk about Leila Cavett.”

Now we have learned that Shannon Ryan has been arrested. Shannon states on Facebook he is a teacher of witchcraft.

Ryan has had several drug and burglary arrested since 2004 with the latests 201 (below).

In Nov. 2011, police arrested Shannon Demar Ryan for burglary in the 2100 block of Harrods Court in Alabama.

Original Post: A 2-year-old child was found alone in Florida in a shirt and diaper on July 26, 2020. He was outside an apartment complex in Miramar, Florida on Sunday.

Then, a woman posted on social media that the child is her 2-year-old nephew. Today WEAR news announced that the Miramar Police announced they are looking for Leila Cavett, 21, who they believe is the child’s mother.

On Leila’s Facebook page it states that Leila lives in Atlanta, Georgia. CBS4 reported that Leila lives in Dawsonville, Georgia. Gina Lewis, Leila’s sister who lives in Walker County Alabama said she last heard from her sister over the weekend on Facebook, and doesn’t understand why she would be in Florida.

“Why was she in Florida?” said her sister.


Leila has in the past been in Walker County Alabama and was arrested in Cordova on drug charges in September and received two traffic tickets in October. Because Cavett didn’t appear in court for a traffic violation, her driver’s license was suspended in March.

A post from Miramar PD said detectives “are concerned for her [Leila’s] safety and well-being.”

Leila was last known to be driving a white Chevy 3500 (mid-to-late 90s model) with a maroon or red tailgate and a “Baby on Board” sign on the passenger window.

The child is currently in foster care.

If anyone has seen or heard from Cavett, call the Walker County Sheriff’s Office at (205) 302-6464, or the Miramar PD at (954) 602-4000

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